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  1. I chose the buy it now route, and I certainly don't regret it. We are changing the property to suit us, and I want to plant things and watch them grow. Yes, in any existing house there are things to fix, but when you are retired, you have the time, and the desire. We visited for many weeks and then stumbled on a house that fit our check list. But we drove about 5,000 kms around the western half of the country... There are a LOT of properties for sale both listed and unlisted. Find a motivated seller, and you will see a price swing by $40,000 easy. It's the wild west down here for real estate. Give yourself a lot of time to see the different climates. We chose the south pacific coast for the the weather, beauty, and amazing expat community. There are many Canadians in the Ojochal/Tres Rios/Coronado area, but also many other nationalities to make it interesting. I wouldn't get discouraged yet. Since Canada is really suffering from over-extended credit lines, bulging mortgages, and an oil business that just croaked, I wouldn't expect the Canadian dollar to go back up. I actually expect worse, because when the US Fed starts to raise interest rates, and Canada can't follow suit due to a declining economy our dollar will lose more.
  2. That's a good one! Also, remind me never to get into an argument with David. He's a challenge.
  3. I'm shocked when I read the broad misconceptions people have about Canada's health care system. The garbage spewed by politicians and lobby groups pollutes what should be a rational argument about something that concerns every human being. 1) Canada's health care system was fully implemented by 1972 with parts of the country having started a full 10 years earlier. That's about double your guess, and certainly long enough to prove that it works. 2) Long delays for diagnostics is BS. As a cancer survivor i can assure you that if there is a worry about cancer, testing starts within days. My daughter unfortunately also had cancer and received fantastic care. We had the ability to fly her to various cancer clinics around North America and they all said that the care she was receiving in Canada was top notch. At one point she needed some radiation therapy that was not locally available in Canada, and the Canadian health care system paid for it in the US. With 10 times the population there is more money in the US to purchase equipment than we have in Canada. 3) Your information about taxes is very outdated. Canada started reducing taxes many years ago, and now the highest marginal tax rate on earnings above $136,000 ( the money you make OVER this amount) is taxed at 29%. http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/fq/txrts-eng.html 4) Canada had a spending problem during various times since implementing health care, but it was caused by many factors. Trying to pin it on health care is not backed up by any facts. http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/canada-deficit/ Even with its "expensive" health care system, Canada still has one of the best run economies in the world, and retained its AAA credit rating. The fact is that in Canada a much lower percentage of the GDP is spent on health care because it is not driven by profit. It is run to provide health care - that's it. Some day, people in the US will come to the same realization, and try to get profit out of the system. 5) Canada is a free country, and banning the right of someone to get health care if they chose to get it elsewhere would not fit in well with its culture.
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