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  1. Yes, thank you, but I think you are overreaching. We have made all required payments and absolutely intend to keep them employed. I have heard that the couple is going to have to register with CCSS as contractors. And I have heard that they have to use their own equipment if they are contractors.
  2. Hi, a bit of a strange situation has come up. I have been paying a couple to work for me and two other neighbors for a year as full-time employees. I did all the CAJA and INS filings and payments. I had a falling out with one of the neighbors and they want to put them on contract for two days a week. This is going to mean that I'm only going to have them on part-time. (ie. 3 days a week). How is this going to affect their CAJA and INS payment? I think the neighbor is going to avoid registering them as employees and make their CAJA and INS become the couple's personal responsibility. They are going to be "contractors". Is the monthly minimum of 257,920 colones per month going to apply for their CAJA calculations even though they are part-time? How do I ensure that this neighbor pays their fair share of the CAJA? No more than fair. Just the correct amount. I'm worried that the couple is not going to be protected correctly under INS or CAJA for their health care or retirement. Thanks
  3. Hi there, When we return to CR next month I have to start the renew process right away, as our Cedulas expire in mid November. I searched back through the posts, but can't find any recent renewals for this type of temporary residency. Has anyone done this recently, and did they find any new twists? Or, since there are almost always new rules or better ways to do things, did you find any? As always, much appreciative of any feedback. Cheers, CanadaMan
  4. Hi, I found a solution to this through the Facebook group. Here are the steps: Once logged into BN site, follow these steps: 1. Choose Pagos from the menus across the top 2. Click on "Impuestos." 3. Click on"Impuestos a las Personas Jurídicas 4. Then in the field Consultar por "Cedula Juridica" 5. Enter the corporation number, without any dashes in the "Valor a Consultar" field and press "Continuar" This should then display amount due and corporation name to pay. I did this, and Banco Nacional's site displayed the corporation name and the amount owing. I was able to choose the account I wished to pay it from, and also store it as a favourite for next year. It worked for both corporations. I just saved $130US and it literally took 60 seconds of work. That works out to $7,800 per hour!!! Thank you Marcella on Facebook for getting it perfect. You DON'T have to go to BCR to pay it.
  5. Hi, sorry if this question has already been asked. I have two corporations in CR that I need to pay taxes on. They are both inactive, holding companies for house, and vehicles. Is there any way to pay these remotely (online) through BN or Scotiabank? I have a lawyer in CR who wants $40 per company, plus $50 banking fees. It seems high for something that I suspect is trivial. Plus I will need to do it every year. Do it for 10 years and you have spent $1,300 on something that might be free. Is there a form that can be filled out and submitted online that registers the payment with the government and calculates the amount that needs to be paid? I have some employees, so I have some experience with CCSS and INS websites. I have also used the Registro Nacional site for some searches. Cheers, CanadaMan
  6. Hi, I have a friend with a couple of part time workers who asked me about setting them up with CAJA and INS. Is it very difficult? Can it be done on-line? If not on-line, once they are set up, can the payments be made on-line easily? Are there any monthly reports that need to be hand delivered? I have heard some things and am trying to find the facts on this as they are today. I'm sure it was much harder 5 years ago. Cheers
  7. I'm just getting an error message that the number does not exist when I do this now. Does anyone know of a newer method? This method is still posted on the Kolbi web site, but it doesn't work.
  8. Last week we exchanged our temporary CCSS Carne for one that good for two years, but... My wife's No. Segura Social on the card changed by one digit. This seemed odd to me because mine didn't change, so I pointed it out to the fellow and he brushed me off. Now I checked on the CCSS web site and the number he gave her is for someone different. Also, our expiry dates are now different by 5 months. Why would he do this? Does any of this make sense?
  9. Here's a little update from my experience in January 2016. There were two changes to almost everything I have read: 1. If you get a Dictamen Medico from your local doctor, and you want something other than a basic car license, you might be in trouble - like me. I got a Dictamen Medico in Uvita from a doctor, but when I got to COSEVI with all the right paperwork they checked and the doctor had marked car license only. The information is displayed online. I wanted a motorcycle license. You need to ask your doctor to give you a medical for all license types. It is the same cost. In my case the doctor in Uvita did a decent medical. He checked my blood pressure and asked a lot of questions. Because I did not have the right kind of medical I had to get one at one of the grungy offices near COSEVI. There the medical was height, weight, eye test, and a single question, "Do you have any diseases?" 2. You can pay the license fees inside COSEVI right at the very front near the gate. There are two CAJA stations. They charge 1,000 colones for an administration fee to pay at COSEVI rather than a bank. I had to pay 10,000 colones because I wanted two licenses. 3. Make sure you ask for a type A3 if you want to be licensed for a motorcycle > 500 cc. Otherwise they default to A1 which is only good to 125 cc (I think) 4. I did not need any proof of address. They asked me to write down my address when I got to the section where they process foreign applications. It took less than 3 hours even with having to go get another medical.
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a vehicle and am watching the Registro to see if it gets transferred by the lawyer. The registry now shows this information under the vehicle: What does Traspaso de un bien mueble mean?
  11. Poor attempt at a joke I guess... $500 would be a bit extreme. However, I can see the CAD$ going to 65 cents US before it hits bottom.
  12. Another update... I had to go back to the CAJA office for some further registration. Everything went smoothly at a different CAJA office where I made our August payment. We went back to the first CAJA office where we got our Carnes, and it reinforced my determination to learn more Espanol! On that day and in that place, for my RENTISTA application, my CAJA fee for an over 55 family of two, was set at 105,900 Colones per month. It was a little lower than my expectation based on other postings on this forum. Based on a "buying" Colones rate of about 530, that works out to almost exactly $200 USD a month or $500 CAD. Next stop is Migracion I believe. Unfortunately I will be gone for September and most of October, so I don't think I will be able to get there until early November.
  13. Hi, Interesting twist. I went and paid my ICE and they gave me a printout that had the same address as the emailed invoice. I showed that to the folks at CAJA, who by the way were wonderful to deal with, who said I should write out a more descriptive address. No problem. I went to the Palmar Sur office near the airport. Be friendly; be courteous; and it seems that people will respond in kind. Cheers!
  14. Under the company name it has this printed: C.CORTES,PROYEC.CASCADA SANDALO,NUEVA CO Somehow I doubt if that is the correct address. Certainly part of it is correct. I think we will drop by ICE on the way and try to get a print out of an actual invoice. Cheers

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