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  1. [ I know lots of you are researching Costa Rica but many of you who read this forum live in Costa Rica, too. I would like to hear from people who live here and find out about why they like the place they live. I plan to do a trip around the country and it would be nice to get the expat view of some towns, first - maybe suggestions for places to go and things to do... maybe even someone to say hello and have coffee with. True there is lots of online information, but I prefer personal opinion to advertisement. I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Lisa ] Hi, I live and love Sarchi.Located Between Grecia and Naranjo a safe and happy haven. Psst don't tell anyone don't want the word getting around. Feel free to email me..... Ronni
  2. [ ABC: was 69, now 76 CBS: was 70, now 21 NBC: was 71, now 22 Also, some channels that were part of their basic package either have moved to digital service (e.g., Food Network, Fox News) or have disappeared entirely (full CNN US feed; now they only have CNN International, CNN EspaƱol and CNN Headline News.) You can download their new basic line-up (channels 2-98) from their web site: go here and then click on "Basico" but it will download as a PDF file: http://www.amnet.co.cr/MainPortal/ViewSite.aspx?id=2 I ordered digital yesterday.... guess what..... no foood network no fox and no HGTV. I live in Sarchi, Grecia and Naranjo have all but they told mey yesterday it could be a year or more til I get food network, also abc nbc come through MIami now. so I pay more and get less... bummmer
  3. My pleasure everyday is my husbands smile and my 3 puppies... I rescued one from the street 4 years ago and she was 5 days pregnant... 62 days later we had 5 puppies.... we kept 2 and found homes for the other 3 after I had them fixed. Life is a present and I love each day. I have fought 3.5 years with this cancer that normally gives a woman 6 months or less.... attitude is all.....
  4. Boy you sure got smart fast, MY husband and I have lived here 5 years and have learned a great deal. You should rent and then we bought. We live in Sarchi close to Palmarares and Naranjo. Biggest problem is I have terminal cancer and must go to my home town in the states for chemo... the waiting list and types of chemo are not available.here in Costa Rica.. I did spend 3 days this past week in Hospital Catolica and it was not too bad the bill. their service CAT scans etc is exceptional.... any questions shoot me an email.... Ronni
  5. adriennesgrandma

    Current Scoop on Importing Pets?

    how did you get your dogs tic free. we have sprayed,been to the the vet. i live on an eclosed acre in sarchi. one of my dogs is just getting over lyme disese which did not get to the other2. any advice appreciated.... we just sprayed the yard again.... thands
  6. The letter is fine. We went from rentista to permanent 1.5 years ago and we had banco de costa rica document a letter. Migracion gladly accepted it and it stated we converted 12000 american dollars over each year. saved the yellow ones too and they never looked. sorry typing is so bad i broke my shoulder and elbow in a fall 2 weeks ago.
  7. adriennesgrandma

    Purchasing a New Car in CR

    We bought a brand new Suzuki grand vitara at the dealership near La Uruca... good service dept and would buy again. That was in 2006 and no problems since... except normal maintenance. Yes I do know that we spent about 25% more than if we were in the states but it was new and it holds its value as any good condition car does. Plenty of room 4wheel drive (wouldn't do that again) and decent gas mileage....
  8. adriennesgrandma

    Rash started' what could it be?

    [ Beach someimes equals sand fleas.. raised bumps... they will go away but it takes a couple of weeks......
  9. adriennesgrandma

    Wanting to move - need advice on possible plan please.

    I live in Sarchi which is next town over from Grecia and we are at 3100 ft. Atenas everytime I go is at least 8 to 10 degrees hotter than Sarchi,while Naranjo is even cooler....
  10. adriennesgrandma

    Flu shots

    Yes most farmacias give them as do all the private hospitals.... they also have the pneumonia shot.
  11. adriennesgrandma

    Safety deposit box

    My accounts are with banco de Costa Rica but here in Sarchi they have no safety deposit boxes... Banco Nacional 1 block down is where I have my safety deposit box and no you don't need an account. The cost is $50.00 a year.
  12. adriennesgrandma


    You don't mention which drug you need. Narcotics, sleeping aids and some anti depressants require a prescription. There are also many drugs that Costa Rica does not carry.... ie... my fast acting insulin can not even be ordered and I had to change my whole regime..You might speak with a doctor here if they don't carry your drug for an acceptable alternative...
  13. Last nights house hunters international show, poor dears only had a budget of 1.2 million dollars for Panama....Wish these shows were more realistic also. I have seen several for Escazu where also the budget is in the millions of dollars....The best was a high rise condo in Jaco where the homeowners dues were $785 a month. I laughed til I fell off my couch....

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