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  1. All my pool needs are met by a place just outside Naranjo called Bombaci. I believe they have (or can order) tile for you.
  2. I came across a website that shows each province of Costa Rica and the boundaries of the cantons within it and thought others might find it useful.
  3. Anyone is free to believe whatever bizarre notion that pops into their heads. But if you post something, you presumably want others to share that belief. If the only basis for that belief is "because I think it's true" then you aren't going to persuade others to share it - so what's the point? As for the original post, yes, it's true that the US State Department is aiding Americans abroad in getting back to the US - but only because so many flights have been canceled since the pandemic surfaced that many are having a hard time getting home. The State Department did the same thing after September 11, 2001 when many Americans abroad were also stranded. It has absolutely nothing to do with any alleged impending attack on China.
  4. If you have actual proof that this virus was deliberately engineered and released by the government of China then put up - or shut up. If a country wanted to unleash biological warfare against another it would be pretty stupid to infect its own people first in the hope that they would then carry it to other countries.
  5. If that was posted to back your statement that "a large portion of the squatters here are the paid type", I'm not sure that fills the bill. Assuming this second hand account is true, one is not the same as "a large number".
  6. If you post something here as fact, I don't think being asked how you came by that information is unreasonable. If you are asked for that and refuse to provide it, the people reading those "facts" are much more likely to dismiss them. I have always been concerned about the spreading of misinformation, but am even more concerned about that due to the events of the past few years.
  7. Brand new (still in their boxes) Amana washer and dryer imported from the US. I purchased them before buying a completely furnished house here in Costa Rica. Purchase price in the US was $399 each and had to pay full import duty. Price for both: $882.77 Washer: Large capacity top load washer, at 3.5 cu. ft. Porcelain Tub 8 wash cycles, including Bulky/Sheets, Casual, Clean Washer with afresh, Deep Water Wash, Delicates, Drain and Spin, Normal, Rinse and Spin Rear panel controls Automatic Load Size Sensing Technology Late Lid Lock gives you extra time to throw in any missed items before the Spin Cycle starts 6 Temperature Settings Feedback-Status including Done, Fill, Rinse, Sensing, Spin, Wash Dryer: 6.5 cu. ft. capacity 11 dryer cycles Dryer drum's powder-coat finish resists chipping and abrasion Front panel controls Automatic Dryness Control uses sensors to end the cycle at the right time to help prevent overdrying Wrinkle Prevent Option tumbles clothes intermittently without heat to help prevent creases and crinkles from settling in Cool Down cycle gives clothes time to cool off, which helps prevent wrinkles when clothes are left in the dryer after the cycle ends Reversible side-swing door Timed Dry Cycle up to 60 minutes
  8. In my experience there is no such thing here as automatic bank transfers between a US bank and a Costa RIcan one. You have to do that via wire transfer and there is a rather significant charge each time. Check with your US bank so see what their procedure is.
  9. That is the way I am leaning, but since I don't have a house yet and haven't even sold my US home, I can't really budget for the solar until I have all the figures to do so. But even if solar is an add-on down the road it is pretty definite that I will do that.
  10. It is my intention to make use of solar power either for heating water alone or potentially the whole house. Yes, I know it is less of a matter of economics to do so since the break even would be quite a long time. But ecology and sustainability are things I have strong opinions about. I've already gotten an estimate from one of the solar installation contractors here and will eventually get others.
  11. Noted, and thanks for your thoughts. Can't do much about noisy monkeys I suppose, but pools can have heaters.
  12. Not fond of them at all. As they are technically birds, my previous statement needs to be amended: ...and being out of earshot of any neighbors unless they are either a) birds* or b) monkeys. *except roosters
  13. I have begun to look for a house to purchase and would welcome any leads. My area of interest is within 50 km of San Ramon. I would like a house of at least 2 br/2 ba with US style kitchen and secure parking. Also wanted is at least a half acre of land. Preferences include being reachable with minimal travel on dirt roads (<1 km), a pool, laundry room, pantry and being out of earshot of any neighbors unless they are either a) birds or b) monkeys.
  14. Thanks induna and eleanor2. But if I won't have to pay a whopping sales tax for the cars listed on encuentra24.com then I'm a little puzzled at the prices I see there. To take one example. I see late model Toyota CRVs listed there for mostly in the $19,000 to $26,000 range - which is the same prices I see for those SUVs on Car Max in the US. I expected them to be nearly double the US price given the import duties levied. What am I missing? [I should mention that after going back and forth several times on this, I have finally decided to sell my 2013 Ford Escape and buy a car locally when I arrive rather than ship my car there. Yes, I know that some are firmly in the other camp on this question but I didn't want the additional hassle of importing a car and having it made CR roadworthy.]
  15. A few questions on this topic: Are the prices I see listed on encuentra24.com before the 13% sales tax? (I assume so since the prices seem awfully reasonable given what I know about car prices in CR). Can anyone offer an estimate for the final price after all taxes and fees? Listed price plus 15%? plus 18%? (Yes, I know some haggling would be recommended to bring that price down). Can cars in CR that don't originate in the US be verified through Car Fax or is that only a resource for American originated cars? If so, is there any alternative means to check its history? Thanks.
  16. Is anyone familiar with this site?: https://www.numbeo.com/food-prices/country_result.jsp?country=Costa+Rica And does anyone care to comment on whether the prices posted are in line with your own firsthand experience?
  17. I can echo David's complaints about WLCR - I used to be a regular participant until Scott booted me off for complaining about the blatant anti-semitism that was directed at Ambassador Haney just after he took up his post in CR. Hi David!
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