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  1. Thanks induna and eleanor2. But if I won't have to pay a whopping sales tax for the cars listed on encuentra24.com then I'm a little puzzled at the prices I see there. To take one example. I see late model Toyota CRVs listed there for mostly in the $19,000 to $26,000 range - which is the same prices I see for those SUVs on Car Max in the US. I expected them to be nearly double the US price given the import duties levied. What am I missing? [I should mention that after going back and forth several times on this, I have finally decided to sell my 2013 Ford Escape and buy a car locally when I arrive rather than ship my car there. Yes, I know that some are firmly in the other camp on this question but I didn't want the additional hassle of importing a car and having it made CR roadworthy.]
  2. A few questions on this topic: Are the prices I see listed on encuentra24.com before the 13% sales tax? (I assume so since the prices seem awfully reasonable given what I know about car prices in CR). Can anyone offer an estimate for the final price after all taxes and fees? Listed price plus 15%? plus 18%? (Yes, I know some haggling would be recommended to bring that price down). Can cars in CR that don't originate in the US be verified through Car Fax or is that only a resource for American originated cars? If so, is there any alternative means to check its history? Thanks.
  3. Is anyone familiar with this site?: https://www.numbeo.com/food-prices/country_result.jsp?country=Costa+Rica And does anyone care to comment on whether the prices posted are in line with your own firsthand experience?
  4. I can echo David's complaints about WLCR - I used to be a regular participant until Scott booted me off for complaining about the blatant anti-semitism that was directed at Ambassador Haney just after he took up his post in CR. Hi David!

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