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  1. The purpose of a news site headline is not necessarily to accurately summarize the article but to entice you to read the article. I bet the WaPo headline got more readers than the NY TImes one did. Along similar lines (and this will come as a shock to some), "you can't judge a book by its cover."
  2. sweikert925

    television or online tv

    I don't want to belabor the point on this but I did just want to throw out one more thought to ponder for those who are in the habit of visiting these websites. Given the amount of effort and cost (easily in the tens of thousands of dollars) to run these sites, and also given that they open themselves to criminal prosecution as well as hefty civil fines, is it reasonable to believe that the operators do that merely for the altruistic pleasure of allowing people they don't know to watch movies and TV shows for free? Is it just possible that they are expecting some financial reward for doing that?
  3. sweikert925

    television or online tv

  4. sweikert925

    television or online tv

    Sorry, not interested in a political discussion of any kind. If you feel OK accessing that site then that's OK with me but I've had experience with scam artists that lure people in with offers of free stuff and prefer to exercise caution. There are other ways to get what we're discussing as I have already said.
  5. sweikert925

    television or online tv

    Putlocker seems a little shady to me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putlocker Caveat emptor.
  6. sweikert925

    television or online tv

    I believe all of the major US networks offer video on demand of their current shows as well as some older ones. I suspect that they block access to computers that are accessing them from foreign countries, but there are ways to make it seem like you are accessing them from within the US when you aren't. Do a web search for "mask my IP address" and you'll learn more about how to do that.
  7. sweikert925

    Good\bad experiences with movers

    From personal discussions on my several trips to Costa Rica and from many comments I've seen posted on Costa Rica related websites, Charlie Zeller's firm seems to have acquired a reputation as a good company to ship your stuff there. I understand the desire for some to hear the bad experiences too but it seems a reasonable request to provide the name of the company in question in a private message if the Forum has a rule preventing public disclosure of it.
  8. I hope that this is the appropriate thread to post this because I see that all of the comments here are 3 or 4 years old. I atttended the February retirement seminar and heard that ARCR is once again able to offer a group rate for CAJA medical insurance . The figure quoted for the monthly premium was, I believe, $84. I wanted to confirm that this was in fact true but also had a question regarding who qualifies. I am now leaning toward applying for residency under the rentista program even though I will be (at age 62) eligible to start drawing Social Security benefits as soon as I arrive in CR. My reasoning is that I would come out ahead by delaying the benefit for at least 2 years and instead live off savings which would increase my monthly SS benefit significantly. But does the ARCR group CAJA discount apply to both pensionados and rentistas and is the group rate the same regardless of which residency path one uses to apply? If the ARCR group CAJA discount is not available to rentistas or is a much higher figure that would obviously affect the arithmetic involved in my rentista or pensionado decision. Thanks.
  9. sweikert925

    Uber in CR

    I was curious as to how available Uber (or one of its competitors) is in Costa Rica. I've seen evidence that they have a presence there and news reports about there being considerable friction with the taxi industry. Do they operate openly? Legally? Is the government pro-, anti-, neutral? Is an Uber even remotely feasible for a trip between Alajuela and San Ramon?
  10. I've learned from hard experience that keeping multiple copies of important documents is essential. I keep photos of my main passport page, drivers license, auto insurance and and homeowners insurance declaration pages on my phone and also have all of them stored in Google. When I travel I also take photos of the visa stamps. And I have 2 cell phones. I'm sure I'm tasting fate by saying all that but if fate is out to get you there is no reason to make it easier for it to do so.
  11. sweikert925


    OK, I can't contain my curiosity any longer. Why would bicycle inner tubes be prohibited? Or is that another one of those "Don't ask, you'll never get a satisfactory answer" questions?
  12. sweikert925


    A couple of questions about Aerocassillas. Is that the same outfit as Aeropost? I'm confused about the 2 names. If so, I see from their website that they are not only a shipper but apparently also a vendor of goods which they advertise with the shipping and import duty cost included in the listed price. Is that cheaper than buying from another vendor and then having the goods shipped via Aeropost? I took one item listed on their website and did a comparison to the same item on Amazon: SDH-B74041 - Samsung 8 Channel 1080p HD 1TB Security Camera System with 4 Outdoor BNC Bullet Camera Amazon.com price: $311.95 + $29.95 shipping to US destination Aeropost.com price: $495.45 Have any of you bought items from Aeropost and is it a reliable, cost effective means of doing so?
  13. sweikert925

    CR Solar?

    Hi, and thanks. The reason I asked David was because I have been to his house and know the approximate size, configuration and altitude and it is pretty close to what I plan on buying/building when I move to CR.
  14. sweikert925

    CR Solar?

    If you don't mind my asking (and if you can provide the information without too much bother) can you say approximately what your monthly electricity usage is? I'm trying to get a rough idea of how much generating capacity a typical house uses in Costa Rica. I know how much I use now here in Chicago but that is not at all comparable given that I live in a condo and have electric heating.

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