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  1. Are you absentee owners and if so how do you handle security in your absence?
  2. Nitramenal and BC Gal, Thanks so much for your replies. Nitramenal I will take you up on your offer of PMing you soon. We are very set on living in the dominical area. Regards
  3. Why are your friends selling? We are aware of the squatters and the need for a caretaker. The reason for only a 6 - 7 month(winter stay) is because of the health care rules in Canada ".....you .can only be absent for 7 months in 12 in order to keep your health care benefits active. If healthcare is affordable in CR we will live there full time.
  4. Hello all, My name is Dave Barton, my wife and I reside in Ontario Canada ,have dreams, apirations, intentions of buying a home in CR and living there for the winter months within the next few years. I have researched some of the ins and outs of this type of scenario but wanted some real life experiences from others who have done this. The property would likely not be in a gated community nor would we rent it out. Please post your experiences abd opinions however minor they may seem as too much information is never dangerous in this situation I think. Regards Dave and Michelle