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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies. Tom, I read this quote on a website about the American Project. "Today, Nosara is one of the green zones of greatest beauty in all of Costa Rica. Thick rich forest grows in areas that were once razed for the benefit of cattle. Nosara's "Proyecto Americano" or American Project, which includes lots in the northern end of Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada and some of the surrounding hills, is a wonderful example of responsible planning and development." I'm not looking to immerse myself in the CR culture, nor am I trying to avoid it. I'm just looking for a safe happy place to live with my family for a while. Another question. CR has grown and continues to get good press and lots of people buying and moving down there. It sounds like prices have gone up because of that. Do you think the country is going to continue to attract foreigners and growth is going to continue? Obviously it's tough to predict a country's growth but do things feel like they are booming or leveling off or dying down? I'm primarily interested in the Pacific Coast. Thank you.
  2. Hi- Thank you for all the helpful info. on your forum. My family and I are considering a relocation from Marblehead, MA to Nosara. We will be traveling to the area in June. I am trying to figure out the best section in the American Project to reside. We have 5 kids. Oldest in college in US. Homeschooling 16 year old and currently researching DelMar and HSBA. Are there certain sections that are more family (safe) friendly? We will have car. Would like to find a home to rent long-term before purchasing our own. My husband is a licensed US contractor and project manager. Are there any development investment opportunities with any groups in the area? Also, having a hard time figuring out what a long-term house rental monthly would cost....3+ bedrooms, walk to beach, security. Any contacts would be helpful. Any areas that we should stay away from? Playa Pelada vs Guiones? Any feedback from other family's that have relocated from the states. Thanks so much.
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