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  1. DaveZ

    As a New Arrival

    Ship nothing! Max out your luggage every trip. Our best $0.02
  2. DaveZ

    US dollars or Colons?

    US $ is common for shuttle from the airport, no worries. Never use the airport currency exchange Scotia bank works great, we use colones for almost most everything local. Tourist places are either currency Our bank account is in colones, we try to stay in local currency for all transactions. Enjoy!
  3. Most countries are bankrupt, so I don't fell too bad about CR. It's a game between countries of who can kick the can farther down the road. The older the country, the harder it gets. Myself, I like zero taxes, borrow the money to build and repair the infrastructure, and make my great great grand kids pay it off. Unfortunately my parents, grand parents, and great grand parents had the same ideas. Z
  4. I'm a CD in colones guy, so this has my attention. thinking to buy more colones ... In a couple of months if we stabilize a bit In the mean time, look at a 10 yr chart, not the 1st time we have been here. Our banker said max 560 then work it's way back to 500 ... Sounds like good rumor In the US we use USD, in CR we use colones Our 1st CR election, very interesting, but don't think it plays a part. The best to all, Dave and Jessica, Jaco
  5. DaveZ

    Paying Property Tax

    The Luxury Property Tax was in all the e'papers for 2012, rumors of huge fines, etc. I see almost nothing this year. Rumors that only 5% really paid the tax, mostly expats, and very few Tico's paid it. Rumors it would disappear and fade into the sunset. Is anyone close to this topic? Updated links? Thanks much, Dave and Jessica, Jaco
  6. We use Sling Box in the US, then watch it with Apple TV or on our iPads. Our entire place is now Apple, plug it in and it works! AirPort Extreme, Airport express, (2) apple tv's (Have 4-5 used routers in a drawer if someone needs one) Also we use airplay for the music system

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