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  1. All good information. We plan to stay in B & B or hostels while exploring and finding where we like.
  2. Thanks Tom. That answers my question. That's all I wanted to know is if you can still find rentals under $500. We can adjust where we live to the price. Can't wait to be there! Pam
  3. I just read someone on here has a condo in Playas del Coca for $450/month wanting long term renter. That is promising.
  4. Jessica, you are right. By not much I mean one bedroom, one bath tico style or what ever. Screens yes, furnished yes. I've seen a couple of things in the Tico Times under $500 but they are in the central valley or north. I don't want any mountain cool climates. Also, we just would like to be close to the coast, within walking distance. We do realize we might have to live further inland. Just need to hear from someone who has firsthand knowledge somewhere. Thanks for responding. Pam
  5. Yes, thanks. I know all of that information. I only need to know about cheap rent right now. I can't trust outdated information because prices go up. Pam
  6. My husband and I plan to move and retire to Costa Rica next Feb-Mar 2015. He is taking early retirement at age 62 on Social Security. I will have to wait 4 more years before mine starts. I do tons of research but have heard that realistically, you should double the prices you read. Is this true or depends on lifestyle? We won't require much but don't want to struggle either. We want to live on $1200 a month if realistic. We will have a bit more but want to be able to come back to the states to visit family once or twice a year. We don't plan on having a car or bringing a lot of stuff. Just a couple of suitcases each. We live in Florida near the beach and would like to stay near the coast if we can afford it. I know this part sounds crazy but we aren't even going before taking the plunge, we have never been. Pam
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