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  1. Architect fees

    Thanks for all the answers, to my post. Our architect will work closely with our builder and a good friend as the project manager. His fee of $2500 seem good to me for what he will be doing for us, it will include a couple of visits and then $50 a visit twice a month until project is finish to fill the necessary building blog that is required by the college of architects. Again thanks for the help and advice.
  2. Architect fees

    Thanks for the replys, again, can anyone tell me what a total price would be fair to both us and the architect for a $50k home?
  3. Can someone please tell me what is a reasonable fee to pay an architect for about a $50k home. Most everywhere I look at a percent of price of projest, but I would like a avrerage total price, if that is possible. Posibly someone who has built reasently can help me. Muchisimas gracias!