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    Best Way to ship computer

    As another option, than labtop or full ATX PC, a small DC powered NUC is more than enough computer to do just about anything you need these days. Much easier to carry with you. Then it's only a question of monitor, which I use for media playback and internet. A digital TV could work, which you can get here in Costa Rica.
  2. I live in Jaco. Do as others suggest, look for a place when you get here. Stay somewhere temporarily, like a cheap motel. Then go and see those places available longer term. It's impossible to judge from the internet, otherwise you may be disappointed, I've seen this reaction many times from others. But good you do have some understanding from the internet. As far as electricity goes, it is true what others say here. I don't use AC, most of the year, just a fan, but I'm probably the exception for a gringo. March thru May can be brutally hot and humid as we pray for the rainy season to kick in.
  3. elviscaprice

    Aeropost Information Needed

    I've used Aeropost for special mail only. Your given an account number which needs to appear with your name, addressed to a PO Box for mail in Miami or an actual physical address for packages. The two times I've used Aeropost for mail, both arrived in about 2 to 3 weeks (mailed in US) to my local outpost. My cost was $1.50 for each letter. I'm sure you can ask Aeropost for a quote and estimated time of arrival. What does ARCR have to do with Aeropost?
  4. Because I've tried for the last 10 years and they say no every time. Not to say that there is a conformity to policy by all ICE offices, welcome to Costa Rica. Sure you don't have your account in a corporation? Your saying it's in your personal name and your a non resident/citizen?
  5. It isn't that ICE doesn't allow non residents/citizens to use their equipment. It's that they don't allow them to open an account. A corporation or having a current resident/citizen vouch for you will suffice.
  6. Paul, I've used sendspace in CR with no problems on upload or download. My favorite is Mega.nz, is extremely fast.​
  7. Schwab, set up a brokerage account with them (don't have to use it), $100 to fund required to start. Then once clear, you can open a checking account attached to the brokerage account. It's free and you get a debit card. There are no ATM fees anywhere in the world and unlimited reimbursements on fees. Maximum daily ATM withdrawals of $1000 per business day. Once the checking account is open, you can sweep the $100 into it. With the CR nationalized banks you would be limited to 4 withdrawals of 50,000 colones each per day, (not sure if business days apply?) Total $200.000 colones per day. I agree, no matter how you try to fund a CR bank account, internationally, it's going to cost you. So I don't.
  8. elviscaprice

    Border crossing with least hassle

    As of last December 2015, The rules have changed at the Panama crossing, as posted on their immigration window. You are no longer required to show $500. If I remember right a credit card will suffice if they even ask, which they didn't. Yes, the rules still state you must show proof of leaving Panama to your country of Residence. That is the most stringent requirement, but often times I have seen them accept a flight from Costa Rica (not Panama) for proof of departure. Obviously if you are a resident of Costa Rica, you don't need any proof of leaving Panama other than your own 2 feet. As far as Costa Rica, it is the same as the airport, if asked you are required to show departure from Costa Rica within your given tourist visa, no more than 90 days. Bus tickets will suffice. Personally I always show it anyways even if not asked so as to not have any confusion about how many days to give me. If they ask you how many days you want, always give your departure date and then verbally approximate those number of days. That way I always get the maximum allowed visa, 90 days, since my departure date is set close to that maximum 90 days. I prefer Panama border over Nicaragua. Nothing at the Nicaraguan border and your always getting hassled by folks trying to take advantage of you. At the Panama border it is porous. Nobody bothers you, lots of shopping in the free trade zone and shorter distance to walk. Also it's cheaper and dollars are the currency of use. Paseo Canos crossing is highly recommended.
  9. Yes, Induna, I use Capital One, but they only reimburse up to $25 per month of fees, if I remember correctly. Unless they changed policy for newer accounts. And with my Schwab account it's unlimited anywhere around the world. I just find it insulting that these two banks do this. If I remember correctly, I couldn't get Banco Popular or Bank of San Jose ATM's to work. I did one time get the Scotia Bank ATM to work.
  10. I agree with that. It would seem that there is ample number of tourists to grow from in recent years. Myself I'm not angry at all, I love it. I would love to see Costa Rica shoot themselves in the foot. Then we would have less tourists in the way and the dollar would rise in value, greatly. And all these bleeding restrictions would get a big haircut.
  11. All I can say about CR is this. Watch out, get too greedy and you may just loose a lot of business. Combine that with Zika virus and now approval of US airline flights to Cuba and you'll find yourself begging for tourist dollars. Then watch all this bull get reversed real fast. What could it be Eleanor? Why only $100 per transaction but allow 4 per day??? What the H is that about? Why not 1 per day for $400 only? Because they want more $$$ from the fees, that's why.
  12. It's all about the CR banks making money for using their ATM's. When you get free ATM transactions outside CR, it's not because the CR banks are allowing it, it's because your bank outside CR is paying it for you. Limiting ATM withdrawls to $100 per transaction has nothing to do with US banking laws and all to do with banks in CR getting greedy. The more ATM transactions the more money in their pocket. I don't normally like keeping too much cash at home here, but with this bull from CR banks, I'll have to keep some around. Most things can be paid now with my US credit cards, so you really don't need all that much cash, but every once in awhile you need it for a big transaction outside of a merchant account ability.
  13. elviscaprice

    Tourism in May of this year

    Any disease that creates fear for the unborn is psychologically huge. And nobody wants to be apart of that, not knowing the future effect upon others. It's like AIDS all over again but maybe worse because of the ease of contagion. Until more is known, it will continue to spread fear as the press shines the spotlight on it's worse effects. We do know that it can be spread sexually, not just mosquitos. This disease is a huge detriment to tourism. When people don't know, they stay home. I should add, in a year this could all blow over as we learn more. But look, they are talking about canceling the Olympics and now the World Surf competition in Jaco in August. Could get ugly real fast with publicity.
  14. elviscaprice

    Tourism in May of this year

    Haven't seen it here. Tourism is way down. And now with the Zika virus flying around, literally, I predict it will get worse.
  15. You have good lawyers. You are in what they would call, the perfect place.
  16. elviscaprice

    Corporation dissolving and real estate

    I would complain, but then I dropped my awhile ago when CR started all this bull. Really most folks don't need a corporation, including mom and pop.
  17. To alleviate any possible issues with human error, you may also consider buying a protective cover for the tablet in case of being dropped. Might even have some superficial protection against getting wet. Being a non Apple fan I suggest a Samsung, can be bought on Amazon refurbished for cheap. I think I got an older 7 inch one for $80. Was able to transfer all my apps from my previous Samsung phone through google store. I even used an app that directed me to load WhatsApp onto my tablet (non Phone) using my phone number from my old Samsung phone. I also find Skype very useful on the tablet. But wouldn't it be better to buy a full operational labtop w/keyboard for homework (I hate typing on a tablet, even worse a phone)?? Why not something like a cheaper ASUS with full Windows 10 OS. Probably can get one for near $200.
  18. elviscaprice

    CAJA Waiting List For Medical Care?

    I thought CAJA or medical was available to all Costa Rican citizens, regardless of employment? Seems I was mistaken, after talking to some Costa Ricans who say they are not covered without a job. So all those poor folks without a job can't get medical treatment? Or they can go to a hospital but???
  19. Basically never, because there is no way to differentiate between a ticket used and followed thru with over an actual ticket issued but cancelled and refunded, regardless thou, it does qualify the tourist as having access to $$$$, thus accomplishing the task of qualifying the desired tourists. Short of changing immigration policies and risking tourism $$$, there is no viable option or one needed, since it does accomplish what they want. As I'm sure Panama has witnessed at their border from Costa Rica and often bend their own rules, lately, to accommodate tourist dollars flowing into their country, which became a problem with their stringent rules issued two years ago. It's all about the holy $$$$.
  20. I never put more than 2 rojos on my phone at a time. Is usually good for a month or two. That way if something happens, I'm not out much cash.
  21. I use United Airlines reservation for my proof of onward travel. I use the fully refundable Y class ticket when booking online. Never any questions when you cancel your ticket for full refund to the credit card used for purchase at any time inside or outside the standard 24 hour window given for all ticket purchase cancellations/refunds. This way I'm not out any $$$ for any silly reservation on a bus or flight to a destination I might never use. Plus you can do the reservation well in advance of use, so as to have all the proper paperwork ready.

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