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  1. Sambamama

    household products

    I can’t comment about the availability of those products here. Did you check EPA? You could try soaking the shower head in a plastic bag or tub of vinegar. Add baking soda to the mix and you’ll have a mini volcanic eruption.... this mix works great on removing bird droppings from surfaces....
  2. Sambamama

    My broken heart...

    My condolences. I’m so sorry.
  3. Sambamama

    Realtor suggestions

    The farm is in Barva, Heredia. (i had posted the info about it here previously.) I’m hoping to find an established realty company that’s been around for awhile, not one of the individual, local folks. We have been dealing with multiple smaller agents for another property purchase and suffice to say that they are so casual that they border on unprofessional. For selling I’m not opposed to trying a bigger group. I just would appreciate some recommendations for the GAM area. Thanks in advance, everyone.
  4. Sambamama

    Realtor suggestions

    I’m posting my farm for sale on FB and Craig’s List by myself, but I would like your recommendations for a realtor who can offer my farm for sale and get it good exposure. Suggestions are very welcome! Thank you in advance.
  5. Do you seek open space and easy metropolitan access? We have a 2.6 acre (10,621 meters squared) farm for sale in San Pedro de Barva, Heredia. Located in the temperate mountains of the Central Valley at 3921 feet altitude which is ideal for gardening, with comfortable days, and cool evenings. The property has 58 meters of road frontage at the front, located on a paved road with the bus stop only 50 meters away. Property is gently rolling with flat areas, and it’s completely fenced already. We bought it for horse property. 98% of the boundaries are block tapias. The large front gate accommodates very tall construction vehicles and there is a side door for people. All utilities and internet are already installed on site. The water here is amazing from the tap; it’s the best tasting water ever!! The yard around the 2-2-2 house has been sodded in St Augustin grass. House was completely gutted (including roof) and remodeled less than 2 years ago. House has both 120 y 220 electric, screened sliding windows, decorative verjas... for the poultry there is a small hen house and a duck swimming pond. For the humans there are paved sidewalks, a paved picnic area with seating under a huge tree, and a wood-fired BBQ grill. This farm has too many trees to list individually as there are all types of citrus (oranges, mandarines, limes), and bananas, plantains, guineos. Mangoes, mangas, different types of avocados, mulberries, zapotes, sugar cane, cashew, níspero, manzana de agua, manzana rosa, guayabita del Perú, chicasquil, caimitos, chayote, yuca, ñampí, chicasquil. Herbs and medicinals include lemon grass, citronella, saragundí..... If you’d like more information, please PM me. $449,000
  6. Sambamama

    Uber in CR

    Excuse this post and details if they violate anything under ARCR forum rules. I will delete if necessary. Uber, IME, in the GAM is excellent, but to use the service please be cognizant that you should fill the front seat first and then fill the back seats. Use the app and pay via credit card whenever possible. If paying cash, then do NOT pay it in front of anyone. The transit police do crack down severely on Uber drivers and if you truly appreciate their reliable and inexpensive service then please be willing to play along and protect the drivers if you get stopped. Be ready to tell the transit police that your driver is a “friend of the family” dropping you off at the airport, etc. Know each other’s names, etc I use them routinely for early morning trips to SJO. My “go to” line is that tío_________ is dropping me off.
  7. Sambamama

    questions re terciopelo anti-venom

    Unfortunately I can’t answer your questions about their injection skills....but they live on top of a remote mountain, literally, about 30minutes from La Palma, PZ and their situation was enough for their doctor to prescribe them a vial. I visited them this summer for the first time and I was shocked how long it took to get up the mountain, in a 4x4. But their view is fabulous!
  8. Sambamama

    questions re terciopelo anti-venom

    My friends in PZ petitioned their doctors to get a dose of antivenom to keep onhand as they live vdry remote. They have a dose in their fridge.
  9. You may want to go to Territorio de Zaguates for a dog! It's a fabulous eexperience to do the dog walk, but very sobering.
  10. Thanks for being an "informative ass". I have always valued your comments and contributions as legit-- I think that you are are "kick ass" for sharing here and helping others. Thank you! Please keep doing what you do.
  11. Sambamama

    Dental Implant Info Requested!

    This thread is years old, but I thought that I'd take a chance on renewing it. I have a friend who was quoted $35,000 (!!!) for his implants in Texas. I told him to look at dental tourism to Costa Rica! Who would you all recommend for implants-- they must speak English. My friend knows little to no Spanish. I can't guarantee to be around when he comes, so he's got to be able to do this on his own. He's 64 and not in ideal health, and he's being gouged on the quoted price! Mind you, they told him $50,000 at first! They were so generous to lower the price for him, no? He's going for a second opinion at another dentist, but I still think that he can take his wife in a trip or two and have his work done for much less than the Texas quote. Ideas? TIA
  12. Sambamama

    Bringing pet parrots

    Dear Jessica, I'd love to be in contact with him, if that's possible. The current information on the USDA website ALLOWS for repatriation. No matter what has been the situation in years past, it's recently changed for companion birds. Poultry is excluded. I know the allowances vary all the time, so I'm very curious to know your neighbor's specific case. (Paperwork, travel arrangements, broker or not) If he could comment for us here, that'd be so helpful!
  13. Sambamama

    Bringing pet parrots

    I would also be interested in learning the names of pet travel companies that anyone has worked with in the past year. I'm preparing for the eventuality of having to do it myself and have mine travel on the same plane with me. I realize that he will not be able to travel in the cabin with me though, his tail makes it that he needs a kennel the size that fits the length of a German Shepard! Years ago -over 15- a friend took her Grays to CR, the parrots the sizes of cockatoos and smaller could go under the seats, but I don't think it's possible now. But do check! Each airline has specific prices and requirement for the carrier, water and food bowls, etc that the birds must travel in. Most importantly is the documentation and paperwork. On the USDA website it seems that if your export paperwork is in order you CAN now repatriate a pet bird (poultry not included) that left the USA as long as it's not a CITES one species. The requirements and paperwork changes,and currently you must quarantine prior to leaving the US. You could see if you'd be allowed to quarantine at your own home even! I could do it with my one macaw, but not sure if that'd be permissible for multiple birds. I'm aware of, and ready for, the many veterinarian tests and travel papers to be filled out and notarized, as well as microchipping or banding the bird. I will plan to travel with an over abundance of any paperwork that could possibly be required upon entry into CR. I hear that a vet must be there, sometimes you need a broker, and other times not. Not sure what to believe on the CR end of things, as it sounds like even for dogs and cats that the Liberia and SJO airport procedures vary. So once it's really time for my guy to travel I can (insert sarcasm here) look forward to a whole new bunch of requirements. Its just not time yet. I have also heard to plan the pet's arrival at the airport during the weekday and during work hours...that way there will be an agent on hand to attend the live cargo and not have to deal with a weekend shift or after hours issues. I have been gathering and gathering information for awhile now, and I have yet to find anyone who has traveled with birds in the recent years to CR. I don't know if any of this that I've shared has been of help, since you requested a company to help you get them to CR, and I rambled on. But please, any information that you find out, and information for when/if you make the journey with your parrots will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Sambamama

    Sad news to share

    I'm so sorry. Please accept my sincere condolences.
  15. Sambamama

    Washing machine recommendation?

    Well, you will have to take my word that new single drum style incorporates all of the features that you like of the "two part". FWIW, I have used the "two part" machines since 1990, so I'm not a newbie to washing in Tiquicia. I've even done the hand washing in "pilas" with the bars of blue soap. (That's how far back and how efficient I have had to have been. ) I lived months (annually) with water rationing: washing for my family of 4-including 2 infants- with only water from 2 50-gallon drums that had to last for days. So, I know how to strategically reuse water for dishes, bathing, toilets, and laundry. The "new" single drum is just as efficient and you can program it to automatically do a whole load, or you can program it to do all of your separate soaking, rinsing, etc to your heart's desire. It's much more flexible to however you wish to wash. Powder or liquid detergent is able to be used, and there is a port for liquid laundry softener if you really wish. They are not as wide as the two parts, and they may seem bulkier since they are taller. But they are no where near as big as American washers. If you are in the market for a washer do look at these. I predict you will be pleasantly surprised.

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