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    Thank you all, At least, one reply from Tamarindo. Thank you Savannahjo. Nothing to tell about RE//MAX and a lawyer there ? Jose Silva has been recommended to me (?). (Tired to go to San Jose for only one signature or one paper). This is another subject : but to answer to Eleanore, nowadays, it is safer to own property, land, etc... than to have money in bank (s). Our world financial system and the banks may collapse at any moment. And there won't be any guarantee even if the banks and governments (USA, Canada, Europe and so ...) pretend it. People will loose their savings. In my opinion, the less in a bank, the better. Have a good day.
  2. Chrissy


    Thank you Eleanor, Your Dad is a wise man ! You are right, I'll spend more time in Tamarindo and talk to people. Investigate more. I "have" a non perfect professionally but honest lawyer in San Jose ... Too far. I wish to find one in Guanacaste. Good evening.
  3. Chrissy


    Good morning Eleanor, Marcia and Tom, I understand you are helping, thank you all. I already live in Guanacaste. Tamarindo : I thought I would never buy there. These last weeks, I went there, I was surprised to notice that apparently Tamarindo does not - maybe -deserve its reputation. There are 2 international schools with 37 different nationalities : it means families with children. Today, it looks like a peaceful and nice vacations small town. Then, I was planning to invest in a condo, only for rentals. But I wished to know about safe real estate and lawyer. It would be interesting to have also opinions of ARCR members living in Tamarindo, if any.
  4. Hello, Would you recommend reliable Real Estate agency in Tamarindo. What about RE/MAX ? Also an honest and competent lawyer ? And a property managing company ? Is there any condominium in Tamarindo to avoid absolutely ? Thank you.
  5. Thank you Costaricafinca and Eleanor, My lawyer is supposed to be "specialized" in migration matters ... (sure you know him). I'll finish the migration procedure with him and no more.
  6. Has law changed ? I have had new information about foreigners not being allowed to work in their own property or business ( foreigners not being yet permanent resident ). A lawyer told me the law had changed and that anyone can work now. Is it correct ?
  7. Thank you both for answers. I have already rentista temporary residency for 2 years. I am not going to work. My business partner will ask for residency. He will have the status of Manager for being allowed to work on the company.
  8. Buenos dias every one, For a creation of a business - import and installation of materials for construction - 1 investor, 1 manager (both foreigners) what is the best option S.A. ? or S.R.L ? and why ? Non permanent residency yet but on the way, are we obliged at the start to contract 6 workers ? In advance, thank you for your answers. Feliz dia ! Chrissy
  9. Does anyone may inform where to buy silver and gold coins legally in CR ?
  10. Hola ! Thank you for your answers. Finished the last duty... Have a nice week end, Chrissy
  11. Good morning to you all from ... Costa Rica ! I bought the place, I am very happy with my small wonderfull piece of paradise : www.hotellagranadilla.com It is the website of the previous owner, I will make a new one but untill then it is to give you an idea. I am making changes, re-decorating, every day nicer. Later on I will put advertisement maybe in El Residente. Untill now, from April, I could manage with all formalities, easy with nice people from Costa Rica, every steps with smiles and respect. I am finishing with the last one : la caja de seguro. I have una Señora de limpieza, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, payed 1 400 colones per hour. I was surprised when they told me that - I have to pay her 6 days a week for 5 days worked, not including aguinaldos and vacations; and payment at La Caja : 51 000 colones each month I thought I should pay more or less 25 % Does these figures seem OK with you ? A Tico who has a company with many workers told me they ask more to foreigners. Is is true ? Thank you for the friendly support you gave me. Hope every one fine. Kind regards, Chrissy
  12. Thank you Paul, I will keep you informed. Many thanks for advises and wish of luck.
  13. Yes ... Caveat emptor... Thank you very very much for your time and for the detailed information.
  14. Thank you, you are clarifying a lot. But like the russian dolls, a question is bringing another question... Suggest you make sure that the B&B's present owners, terminate the 'unofficial staff', else you could inherit a load of debt, then you can rehire them. How can the present owner officialy terminate an unofficial situation ? I mean, he can't give them a letter of contract end if employees are supposed to have never been contracted. If not, how to prove, in case employees reporting to CAJA, he terminated with the employees before I started again with them ? with some delay in between ? INHERIT debts of the seller's corporation : I thought this risk existed only if I would buy his corporation. At the closing, the new title of the property will be recorded as a move to my name or my new corporation - In that case, I suppose I can't inherit problems belonging to the previous corporation ? or does the risk remain ? Forgive me if its sounds like to be repeating, english is not my mother tongue and I wish to understand well. I am very grateful for your time.
  15. The B&B is already existing and in function. The seller under a tourist status (leaving the country every 3 months) is running the business (under corporation) with his wife. There are two part-time employees (for gardening and cleaning) not officially declared. Property, corporation, 2 licenses (hotel and liquors) taxes, as I know, are being paid. I thought my first job would be to LEGALIZE with the help of the lawyer: Ask for residency Create my corporation Make official the two employees Pay all taxes including income Contract an accountant ( I thought I could myself check guests in and out – apparently and not either) It seems, according to your answers, that until I am not a permanent resident, it would be wiser To buy and keep the property as a private house under my name not create a corporation, neither B & B but only have long term rents. Would this way gives me more advantage with more certainty to get the permanent residency status ? (for less complicated situation).

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