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  1. Thank you all, At least, one reply from Tamarindo. Thank you Savannahjo. Nothing to tell about RE//MAX and a lawyer there ? Jose Silva has been recommended to me (?). (Tired to go to San Jose for only one signature or one paper). This is another subject : but to answer to Eleanore, nowadays, it is safer to own property, land, etc... than to have money in bank (s). Our world financial system and the banks may collapse at any moment. And there won't be any guarantee even if the banks and governments (USA, Canada, Europe and so ...) pretend it. People will loose their savings. In my opinion, the less in a bank, the better. Have a good day.
  2. Thank you Eleanor, Your Dad is a wise man ! You are right, I'll spend more time in Tamarindo and talk to people. Investigate more. I "have" a non perfect professionally but honest lawyer in San Jose ... Too far. I wish to find one in Guanacaste. Good evening.
  3. Good morning Eleanor, Marcia and Tom, I understand you are helping, thank you all. I already live in Guanacaste. Tamarindo : I thought I would never buy there. These last weeks, I went there, I was surprised to notice that apparently Tamarindo does not - maybe -deserve its reputation. There are 2 international schools with 37 different nationalities : it means families with children. Today, it looks like a peaceful and nice vacations small town. Then, I was planning to invest in a condo, only for rentals. But I wished to know about safe real estate and lawyer. It would be interesting to have also opinions of ARCR members living in Tamarindo, if any.
  4. Hello, Would you recommend reliable Real Estate agency in Tamarindo. What about RE/MAX ? Also an honest and competent lawyer ? And a property managing company ? Is there any condominium in Tamarindo to avoid absolutely ? Thank you.
  5. Good afternoon and thanks again for your messages. It will be my 3rd trip to Costa Rica. Hope to find THE house, not as to invest but to live and enjoy, as I hope you all do, this country. Sure, I understand that I have to choose AT FIRST TRY the right place and the right house as reselling is not an option. If I do so, I wish to come to settle for good early 2014 - can't wait to be retired... (not staying only 4 or 6 months). As it is still in project, I may adapt (Plan C : no B&B, no guesthouse... ) Reading, reading, reading, discovering this fantastic forum : many shared doubts/ many useful replies. Have a nice week end. Chrissy
  6. Thank you everyone for your answers and advises. I have noticed same properties on sale for several or many years (Tom message), I haven't read yet why the real estate market seems to be frozen - no buy/no sell. Has it been after 2008 crisis ? Regarding Costaricafinca very interesting information concerning buying a touristic business, it may brings me to my "plan B" which could be a guesthouse in private home. I would have prefered a "pensionado" status but I will be retired and getting pension only in 2018; hard to decide "rentista" or "inversionista" ... I hope deeper information in ARCR in november will help for decision. Thank you Savanna and Jesse : southern zone would be Ojochal, Dominical area ? I have already organize my trip (hotels reservation, contacts for properties) in Guanacaste. Summarizing all the informations I read, so many traps are to be avoided that I put my confidence on ARCR assistance. Am I right ?
  7. Hi, I am a new member. Thank you very much for all information given in this forum. I am preparing the same project as DRE - small B & B or hotel (4/5 bedrooms with owner house) under the inversionista status (I will be retired only in 2018). I will come 3 weeks in November. Any advises for the Guanacaste coast, regarding realtors, lawyers, appraiser, are very welcomed. Would be pleased to read from people who has experienced similar project. Thank you.
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