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  1. I'm already a member. I appreciate your input, Just trying to alleviate the wife's fear.
  2. I just read that new regulations in Costa Rica make it difficult or impossible for a non-resident to open a bank account. Do you need a bank account to get a pensionado residency? If you do and can't open an account how do you do this. I'm read this in the Moon book "Living Abroad in Costa Rica" pg 225.
  3. Ticatiki

    Shipping Costa Rica

    T&VSmith. I received a quote from Dan that seems pretty reasonable. None of the other companies have provided a quote at all. Which company are you receiving help from, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Ticatiki

    Shipping Costa Rica

    Did anyone really answer the question about Shipping Costa Rica? Has anyone had any experience with them other than a quote?
  5. Ticatiki

    Pet Shipment

    Tried the "government" site and a message appeared stating that the site was shut down due to the government shut down. Hope you don't need the forms necessary too soon

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