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  1. Golf is not that popular activity for most expats. The hotel guests may utilize them, but at Tamarindo and many beach areas where they have golf courses, it is simply too hot and/or windy to use them ... and you sure can't play in the evenings when it cools off. Do not advise you to go with the Investor status via purchasing a home, for $200K+ as you will be 'hit' with a CaJA payment of nearly $700. You may be staying at a vacation resort, not a community. Rent, rent, rent....until you decide that Costa Rica is for you, once you have removed your 'rose-tinted' glasses. Most make the move and stay for 3 years or less.
  2. Sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis. My father suffered with this from when I was a child, but hope these new treatments are a great improvement.
  3. They can at least get part-time employment. By the time most of us here, are 'legal' to work, no-one will want us...
  4. I think it will be very difficult for you both to live within your proposed budget. You are required to apply for Residency and of course that will then make it compulsory for you to be affiliated with CAJA, the socialized healthcare system here, which will cost at $100 per month by the time you have obtained residency.
  5. I just can't figure out where he got those shoes....in his size.
  6. Exactly... which is why I advise everyone to do just that, take the time to check around before buying that beautiful place that the agent has said, won't last long.... Had we done this, before we purchased property here, we could have avoided many of the pitfalls we encountered 'after the purchase'. Over the years, I have made web pages for some of those trying to sell property and I refused to write what I knew to be a 'non-truthful statement' such as saying that a 'planned addition' was in already in place or providing photos that were not taken in the actual location.
  7. Yes, Jesse there are some very good and knowledgeable agents, it's finding them, that is the problem....and a new comer does not usually have the contacts with the local population to know the good from the ones to avoid.. Good luck!
  8. Jesse, sounds like selling real estate may be in your future...
  9. Maybe I am wrong, but I seem to remember that Jesse mentioned in a previous post, that had he prior knowledge of certain aspects about the land he purchased, he may have made a different choice. Is this so or am I wrong, again? Jesse can you fill me in or correct me, please? Again, my suggestion for a part-time resident is to purchase a home in a condominium development.
  10. As mentioned before, I am not saying do not purchase real estate here, but saying 'take your time'. I have also previously posted that it is wise to have your water tested before a purchase. Did I ever mention that we found the remains of a dead cow buried deep into the soil, from where our ground water was being pumped?
  11. Many problems are not known prior to the actual purchase... even with due diligence. Water problems, septic field problems, drainage, noise concerns and the list goes on. Just because one has not encountered any of above, yet, it doesn't mean that your neighbor hasn't. In any country, a seller does not necessarily tell you of the problems of the property ...
  12. Marsrox, a sad but somewhat similar version to the many other tales of what does can and does happen here.
  13. There is a Canadian real estate agent we know, Shell Johanson, who lives and works mainly in this area, and he can be reached at shellbp@yahoo.com. It is a just across from one of CR's finest golf courses and they will allow you golf privileges, if you are interested. Good friends used to own a condo across from the golf course and when they return, they now stay at the Villas.
  14. Tom, I, personally, like the Cariari area and the Villas de Cariari is a nice play to stay...and is a very safe area. You could rent there for the duration of your stay or just until you locate the place of your choice.
  15. Salishsea...cool as it may be for you... you probably missed the worst of it, when away on your trip
  16. The often mentioned N&M store in San Pedro used to offer a few wood stoves for sale. Also stores in areas of Heredia should have them.
  17. Nansie21 posted this last year, and it will give you an idea of can happen even, if you are 'on site'. I won't go into the details, but will say our attached garage/storage area of our home was broken into, next to where we were sleeping ... and three our dogs were poisoned.
  18. The owner of the website above had originally posted his intentions to purchase property and was advised by members of this forum to rent first. He did decide to rent in the area he felt was perfect for him ... then moved to the beach a few months later.
  19. As Mark advises, you will have to pay someone to maintain the house, yard and possibly to live in your home to keep your investment safe. If you really want to purchase a home, suggest you buy a condo....but my advice it that you don't do so until you have decided the area is suited to your taste. Lots of really nice vacation condos out there.
  20. You cannot do this, sorry. It is often difficult to do so, when you are actually here.
  21. Canada is still seeking and accepting 'tradesmen' as landed immigrants as they have a shortage of skilled labour, so for the younger person out there there is still the opportunity to immigrate. In fact, many Irish workers have recently arrived.
  22. Additional information can be found here regarding the legality of living and working here.
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