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  1. Can't help with the contact info, but thought I would ask if you are under 25, to allow you to benefit by applying through the 'Immediate Relative' status?
  2. Once you have managed to open an account while a tourist, know that a maximum amount per month, approx $1000, without a DIMEX card (cedula) will be permitted to be transferred electronically into the account.
  3. 'My' monkeys often howled all night... Having a pool in your aforementioned area, you may find it too cold to use at this higher elevation, plus may experience dirty water in the rainy season.
  4. If 'someone' has provided information on the property, leading to a sale, the law says that this person is legally entitled to be paid a 5% 'commission.'
  5. It looks to me that you are not leaving enough time for the other dog to get their required vaccines as needed to leave thr USA then enter Costa Rica.
  6. There is different prices for different locations around the county, by different companies, but I don't have any additional information on them. If you check on your online banking website, under electrical services, it will have the names and you can then, check further.
  7. A/C and dehumidifiers use a lot of electricity and it is more likely to be hot and humid at the beach. Those that I know of, that live at the beach, usually have electricity bills in the $200+ range
  8. Note that long term rentals don't usually include electricity, and living near the beach it could add a lot to your budget, especially if you use A/C.
  9. David is quite right. One of the reasons people that rent out homes or have a B&B for example, tend to have it in a S.A, is that if someone drowns in their pool, they personally won't be held responsible.
  10. Our former workers vehicle was considered 'totaled' and it took over three years to settle.
  11. "DEADLINES: August 31, 2017 Payment of unpaid back taxes on companies from 2012 to 2015 will not bear interest or penalties if paid on or before Thursday, August 31, 2017. After this date interest and penalties will be charged".
  12. Have you previously done some running in the areas of interest that you mention?
  13. We got hugs too! We delivered lots of home made treats to all the staff at the local CAJA clinic, the bank, the post office, police station, a couple of private businesses and of course, friends in the community.
  14. Where we used to live on the farm, there was 3 additional houses built with the intention of renting them out. However, it has not been a success, due to the location and the rates charged. Location, location, location
  15. Terry...I wrote and deleted the same comments.
  16. Just yesterday, a Tico friend who sells real estate... ...specializing in large farms and/or ranches, and a American who he was doing some additional business with and who had purchased a very large piece of property with large building on it, (the former Aloe Vera site) filled with various pieces of equipment, office furniture, A/C's etc. returned to find it totally empty. This was not the agreement, but the brother-in-law of one of the owners, on his own, removed everything, including light bulbs. This morning, lawyers started proceedings against him. Luckily the new owner had photos of every room in the building.
  17. Years ago, after Clinton left office, one of his former advisors left the US after purchasing our coffee farm and additional land where he built a beautiful home. They always complained about something or somebody, and they eventually sold their 'exclusive' property and returned to Arkansas 4 years ago. I know they gained residency here and wonder where they will head to, this time around...
  18. Updated info added for the link above. Many more rentals obviously available.
  19. Yes...probably following his instructions when this person, doesn't have a clue... He stopped by here when back in the area on vacation and told us that the builders messed up his instructions...
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