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  1. When we went to the immigration office for our final appointment, another young man was there, represented by the same lawyer., and told us his story which the lawyer confirmed. He had been married to a Tica for 5 years and they had two children but was slow in applying for residency and was still going through the progress. He owned (and still does) a popular surfing business and had a large staff. One night, the man who usually locked up, was vomiting in the bathroom so the owner continued cleaning and locking up, when the immigration police barged in, putting him in handcuffs, taking him to the local police office for 'working' while not a legal resident. He phoned our lawyers brother who lived in near him, in the beach town, and and he was released the next day, when they presented a copy of his comprobante So, yes, it does really happen and have heard of others.
  2. Hey...I was just going to post these links, now I wasn't in a rush!
  3. I suggest you also read the Costa Rica Star Qcostarica
  4. Have you previously done some running in the areas of interest that you mention?
  5. Makes sense!! As an afterthought, you cannot 'live like the locals' and get the true cost of living here, unless you enroll your children in a public school, which not all Costa Rican citizens do. Private schools are expensive and once again, your CAJA monthly premium will be determined by the status you apply for, once a legal resident. Paying out for these two expenses could cost you US$1500 or more a month. I love your enthusiasm however I think it will be much tougher than you would hope for and the plight of the Canadian dollar is affecting many people living here.
  6. We got hugs too! We delivered lots of home made treats to all the staff at the local CAJA clinic, the bank, the post office, police station, a couple of private businesses and of course, friends in the community.
  7. May good health and happiness be in your future!
  8. Best to rely on the professionals...
  9. When you apply for residency, for any status, you will have to provide a background check.. After being in a Temporary status for three years, you can apply at the beginning of the fourth year for permanent residency, although after two years you will have to apply for a new cedula. Immigration does not accept all or every application as an Investionista....and it can take a long time.
  10. The last paragraph on this Residency information website states this: "* NOTE: There are certain crimes which automatically disqualify you for Costa Rican residency. The list of criminal convictions for crimes that preclude a person from applying for Costa Rican residency are the following major crimes (felonies): Murder; trafficking in illegal drugs/narcotics; trafficking in human beings; trafficking in weapons or explosives; sexual crimes against minors, the elderly or the disabled; domestic violence; membership in certain designated gangs or in organized crime; etc."
  11. The past is just that ...history and doesn't help anyone, now.
  12. Where we used to live on the farm, there was 3 additional houses built with the intention of renting them out. However, it has not been a success, due to the location and the rates charged. Location, location, location
  13. Terry...I wrote and deleted the same comments.
  14. Just yesterday, a Tico friend who sells real estate... ...specializing in large farms and/or ranches, and a American who he was doing some additional business with and who had purchased a very large piece of property with large building on it, (the former Aloe Vera site) filled with various pieces of equipment, office furniture, A/C's etc. returned to find it totally empty. This was not the agreement, but the brother-in-law of one of the owners, on his own, removed everything, including light bulbs. This morning, lawyers started proceedings against him. Luckily the new owner had photos of every room in the building.
  15. Years ago, after Clinton left office, one of his former advisors left the US after purchasing our coffee farm and additional land where he built a beautiful home. They always complained about something or somebody, and they eventually sold their 'exclusive' property and returned to Arkansas 4 years ago. I know they gained residency here and wonder where they will head to, this time around...