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  1. costaricafinca

    Current Problems with SKY

    I'm just very thankful that it went through. Usually my husband dealt with SKY whenever we had a problem. Although they did not listen or pay heed to our complaints regarding reruns...
  2. costaricafinca

    Current Problems with SKY

    I paid mine last week with no problem.
  3. Thanks David C Murray. You should also be aware that a 'Rentista' under 55 years of age will probably find that they are required to pay a 'high' premium for healthcare.
  4. Then after two years as Temporary Residents both 'children' would be required to deposit a further $60k each. They would also require separate CAJA the mandatory healthcare accounts.
  5. costaricafinca

    Ship? Cargo? Checked bags?

    I seem to remember reading that when Ticos move 'home', their houshold items are not taxed. Might be worth checking out
  6. costaricafinca

    Huracán Nate response (post haste!)

    Our friends who live in San Bernardo, saw a lot of damage in their area and the bridge was wiped out. It was recently 're-opened' by Pres. Solis at 7am . Yes, there is ICE installation, in the area.The president and his entourage whizzed by us on the way back to San José. Better late than never...
  7. costaricafinca

    cedula renewal

    Lucky you! I would 'guess' that this is because you deposited the minimum amount required in your local bank, since you couldn't make a direct deposit. Good choice on your part.
  8. costaricafinca

    cedula renewal

    We produced a letter by an accountant for a Rentista renewal years ago, and it was accepted. For proof of a 'guaranteed for life' pension it is obviously different. Canadians wanting documentation on their OAS & CCP payments must request this information be sent to them, and it usually takes 3 weeks to get here. As I recently posted, sending them a document, such as a death certificate even when residing in Canada, they require a certified photocopy of the original. They wouldn't accept the 'digital file' from the National Registry. The recent post that doppelt just contributed is exactly what my friend has had to do.
  9. costaricafinca

    cedula renewal

    No, it doesn't. My friend went to the Canadian Embassy and was told that they do not verify Canadian documents.
  10. costaricafinca

    cedula renewal

    My friend spoke with staff at immigration and at BCR to be told by both that they were required to produce those new letters. They contacted the Immigration specialist in Canada that they used for their initial Residency application, where they have been notarized, taken to the Foreign Affairs office and to the Embassy of Costa Rica in Canada just like in the beginning. They did get a notarized letter from an accountant here, but was told 'it wasn't acceptable.' Thank goodness, all that is behind me...
  11. costaricafinca

    cedula renewal

    A friend who is pensionado is having a very difficult time getting her first renewal, just like you and must now get a new income statement from Canada. You can't apply for Permanent residency yet, as you haven't been a pensionado long enough.You can apply at the end of the third year/beginning of fourth year. Read all the earlier posts that you can.
  12. costaricafinca

    Preferred courier company

    Yes, I did use EMS as we did in the past, plus took into consideration the recommendations from the forum It wasn't as expensive s I expected. $45. BTW, although Costa Rica now offer a digital file for birth, death and marriage certificates, from the National Registry, Canada at least, does not accept them...
  13. What courier company provides quick service at a decent price to transport some important papers? This would be from Liberia To Kelowna, BC. Canada. I remember that one of the 'popular companies' sit at the Panama airport for an extended period. In the past, we usually used the correo ...
  14. Yesterday, I headed to our local CAJA office to pay this months premium and see what needed to done to my account, since my husband has recently passed away. BTW, In the past, we had never been asked to produce a marriage certificate . I was passed over to the young woman who administered the 'asegurado voluntario' payments, and she went and found the needed paperwork. She confirmed my address and phone number and only asked if we had a pension paid directly into a CR bank and I explained that we didn't as Canada would not permit us direct deposit a Canadian pension, and asked if we owned or rented a residence, asking how much I rent I paid. She went of and eventually came back with a large enveloped addressed to another person. Since I am still waiting for a death certificate, she asked that I return when I have it. I went back to the cashier, to pay for this month and he said, 'I didn't have to pay anything...'. So, I will return and hopefully find out that I will be covered at a lower rate or even better at no expense at all., although I have no problem continuing to paying my fair share.
  15. Last month I found a small, discarded snakeskin on a shelf in the living room, where I have some children's books stored. I was unable to ID what species it was, but I had recently given some books away just a week or so before it was found, so it didn't take long to settle into it's new abode.

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