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    Retiring Before 62

    I originally thought that my only option was "rentista", and came prepared for that. Also thought that I would apply on my own without a lawyer, as am fully bilingual and a highly organized person. But when consulted an attorney regarding a letter, he provided me excellent information (unlike 2 previous attorney I had spoken with). Turns out there were several other options other than "rentista" that made much more sense for me -- 1) I would be able to legally work before becoming a "resident" some number of years after being a rentista, and 2) I did not have to have a large sum of money tied up in the bank. So instead of rentista, we set up a legal business (just paperwork naming me as owner of my own business. No money, no board of directors, no business plan, etc....Similar to a LLC in some states in the US). This gives me the right to work in the specifically named industry. And am applying for residency as an "independent professional". The later is available depending on your level of training and line of work. Attorney recommendation: Rafael Valverde of Outlier Legal Services
  2. There's a great Facebook group that I highly recommend. "Families with young children in the Central Valley"
  3. Back on topic.....A wonderful source to connect with is a Facebook group "Families with young children in the Central Valley". Just recently there was a long thread about schools. Get on there, and you will have families that would be more than happy to talk with you directly about their experiences.
  4. A great Facebook group: "Families with young children in the Central Valley". There are also similar groups for areas outside the Central Valley. But on the Central Valley group there are great discussions and much information for outside the CV.
  5. jdimas

    Kids attending private schools

    Applied and accepted to several private schools. No residency required for the 100% private schools in the Central Valley. Don't know about the "semi-private" schools, but doubt that residency required either. Process to applying to private school here is similar to applying to private school in the US. Great facebook group to join "Families with young children in the central valley"
  6. jdimas

    men's fashion in Central Valley

    Gracias, Costaricafinca, that was helpful!!
  7. jdimas

    men's fashion in Central Valley

    I'm differentiating suit & tie from sport coat. yes, I plan to bring sport coats. I am uncertain about the need for sharp suits and tie. Perhaps one or two for weddings, funerals etc. But other than that? Retired, like to do activities across the wide range of classes, including country clubs, nice restaurants, etc. More interested in dressing similar to Ticos. Do Ticos tend to wear formal suits in these type of venues? Gracias
  8. Getting ready to pack up for the move. Wondering whether men's classy/elegant suits and ties have a place in the Central Valley? Gracias
  9. Thank you, John For a variety of different reasons, I have narrowed the schools to The European School, PanAmerican School and Blue Valley. I have scoured their websites and written materials, and have visited each. I understand that for the most part, they prepare at mostly the same academic levels. What I don't know are the different personalities, strengths, weakness, and values of each. Ie how are they known in the community, what are subjective student and family experiences? mil gracias
  10. I have scanned all the posting in this forum. Several times a link was included to the Ministerio's page on minimum wages, but they were no longer active. I web searched "ministerio de trabajo costa rica" but it did not list professional level jobs. (I understand that I cannot legally work until I am a permanent resident and that can take several years. I understand that there is a very specific process to get my license/degree recognized.) I am trying to plan long term. What can I expect to earn as a Ph.D. clinical psychologist, degreed from a top-notch US university and licensed in California? Decades of experience in academia and then private practice and program development. I have been told that master's level is most typical in CR, doctorate level more rare. I am fully bi-lingual and have been practicing in Spanish in the US. A university professor of psychology in CR mentioned that if/when all degrees recognized and when legal to work, minimum salary is $2-6,000 USD/month, and given my credentials and years of experience, closer to $6,000/month. Is this correct? He was a friend of a "travel agent/real estate agent" who was showing me around, so I don't know if he was painting a rosier picture to encourage a move and purchase. (I plan to rent in a Tico dominant part of outskirts of San Jose/Central Valley). Thank you
  11. ARCR forums have been very helpful! thank you! I've read just about everything of the last 1-2 years (sometimes older) on these forums. I have read the very few topics about children and "heard" that ARCR is mostly for retirees, and therefore not very relevant for questions about living in CR with children. Does anyone know of any other listserve or online network for families in CR? Just in case anyone is able to answer: My first burning question is about private schools. (Yes, i read all the links). I have a finite list of private schools in San Jose/Central Valley (yes, I know how much they cost, and can prioritize that expense). (NO! I am NOT interested in home schooling). I have reviewed the web-site of each and every school, and have eliminated many from my list for a variety of reasons, but need to whittle it down even further. I understand about the three different credentialling bodies (US, IB, CR). What I am looking for is information about reputation of schools, experiences, etc. I grew up in private schools in Venezuela and Brasil, and am familiar with international schools, american schools, and "local" schools. My 6 yo daughter just started Kinder this year in the US (late birthday). She is Spanish-dominant (born and raised to this point in US -- keeping language and culture alive!), and is very quickly picking up English. Seriously considering moving to CR in January, but need school information first. Thank you

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