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  1. I agree with David that the concern about foaming seems to be stated by a more than reputable source. I'm not sure there's a clear answer given the reputed experts on both sides however. Since I've been doing it for years in the States, I'll stick with the practice, but I'm giving second thoughts to doing it here, although I did do one yeast treatment already.
  2. I guess I've been looking for the traditional maroon and yellow Fleishman packaging and just haven't seen it. Will look much closer now. Thanks. As far as the advice that doing "nothing" is the best treatment, I'm afraid that there are just as many folks on the other side of the argument, I think "more", that would suggest that yeast, or some other like additive, is the prudent thing to do. You can find myriad anecdotal evidence of people who say they have never done a single thing to their tanks, and have never had to dump it, but I don't think that's the norm. The number of people in a given residence, frequency of visitors, etc, etc. weigh heavily on the chemical goings-on within the tank environment. My luck says that if I just do nothing, the first time we have a family reunion at my house, the old system will go belly up. Better to take some preventative steps, from my perspective. My real question to the community at large is whether folks believe "yeast" is as effective as the various additives that are sold, especially Ridix.
  3. I bought a home here and the human waste goes into a septic, and all other waste water (kitchen, showers) goes into a concrete box that drains onto the mountainside. I am surprised, but the toilets seem to work extremely well as far as carrying away waste. We've had lots of company and no toilet stop ups in either bathroom. I do notice the absence of traps, but have not had any noticeable smells. I've also noticed the bathroom sinks here don't have the rod and stopper method used in the States. Of course, garbage disposals are non-existent here, so we're careful to use good strainers in the kitchen sinks to catch debris that we can then put into the trash barrel. I do have a question that perhaps someone can answer. I have a home back in the States that has a septic/drain field system, and have had a number of houses over the years with similar systems. We have always put a powder treatment into the tank, but after talking with a couple septic companies, they informed me to just put a packet of yeast in the septic once a month. I've been doing this for years in my current US house and several before that. I guess it works. No one here in CR seems to know about putting any type of treatment, whether it be yeast or something more exotic, in the septic system. People here tell me there are companies that perform the dump service, but no one seems to have ever used them. So, the question is: does anyone have a comment on the practicality of putting a packet of yeast in the septic on a monthly basis? And by the way, I couldn't find yeast here; had to have it brought down from the States by a visiting daughter.