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  1. As the president of the corporation I think I have power of attorney to dissolve it and transfer/sell the house to myself. Have to return to states to get the books,so haven't seen a lawyer yet. Just wondering if anyone knew for sure
  2. I am wondering that too. I have a corporation with my now deceased husband and I am wondering if I can transfer it to myself (and wondering about the transfer tax) and get a will, or remove his name from the corporation. If I have to file a tax form going forward on a no activity corporation, I will definitely dissolve it. I live in Golfito and I call it the Land of Broken Dreams!
  3. I very much enjoyed and appreciated Marsrox┬┤ posts. They remind newcomers not to make assumptions based on the way it is in their home countries. I would also like to caution about lawyers here. Mine was charming and handsome and appeared competent. Unfortunately he was incompetent, lazy and a crook like so many others. People recommend their lawyers without understanding the documents they signed which are written in Spanish. When buying a house try to ask all your questions before the closing because after the closing he may not respond.
  4. You press a button and it displays a series of numbers. Before that, though, you still have to log in the usual way and then you will be asked for the llavero/a number. You may need to enter in other information to add to favorites - like your card number. Can't remember exactly - it's been a while, but have all your bank info handy, as it does time out.
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