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  1. I have a 16x26'''' pool bought and assembled in FL. I brought it here. It is complicated. Does anyone know how to assemble it? Will pay transportation, lodging and a good salary to supervise.
  2. I renewed my temporary cedula on August 1 at Golfito correos. The paperwork said it would be ready Sept. 1, but the post office said immigration was backed up and it would probably take 2 months. I just happened to be at the post office on Sept. 1 taking care of another matter and the post office worker handed me my new cedula! And as an aside, I have never had my ss deposited in a Costa Rican bank. I even emailed immigration that the Banco de Costa Rica and Golfito correos still believes it is a requirement. In any case, I am very happy.
  3. As the president of the corporation I think I have power of attorney to dissolve it and transfer/sell the house to myself. Have to return to states to get the books,so haven't seen a lawyer yet. Just wondering if anyone knew for sure
  4. I am wondering that too. I have a corporation with my now deceased husband and I am wondering if I can transfer it to myself (and wondering about the transfer tax) and get a will, or remove his name from the corporation. If I have to file a tax form going forward on a no activity corporation, I will definitely dissolve it. I live in Golfito and I call it the Land of Broken Dreams!
  5. Thank you for the info. Very sad and scary that the Caja does that. My friend will have a 4 year wait with the caja, old, in pain. no income and will probably be blind by then. 3 cataracts in 1 eye, 1 in the other. Am trying to find some place local and pay for it myself. He is my neighbor and watches the house when i go to the states sad.
  6. Can anyone recommend a doctor? My friend lives in Golfito but any recommendation would be appreciated. He cannot go to Panama as he has no passport. He cannot wait for the caja as it will be years. Thank you.
  7. Thank you for all your replies. Forgive me for being a dork, but it DEFINITELY means that residency is approved, correct?
  8. I checked a friend of mine's residency status on line and it said resolucion firmas so I told her she had residency and it was awaiting signatures, as that was what happened in my case. Now I am wondering if I misspoke and gave her false hope and false information. Does anyone know if "resolucion" in this case means simply a decision was rendered and it can mean approved or denied, or does it mean her residency was approved. I feel terrible not knowing and hope someone can answer this question before I have to go back to her like an idiot and tell her I really don't know. Thank you.
  9. I am going to Uruca to get my first drivers license from the Sansa terminal in SJ. Does anyone have an idea how much it will be? I have used a driver from Sansa to go to the American Embassy and he charges me 35,000 round trip. Is this ballpark? If not, do you think it would be unsafe to catch a taxi outside on the street? Thank you.
  10. I live in Golfito. It is costly and inconvenient to go to SJO. My SJ lawyer emailed me a copy of my resolution. I completed all the requirements and turned in everything at the foreigners window at Paso Canoas. It is on the other side of where you enter and exit the country for the border run. They typed a bunch of info into the computer, reviewed everything and told me to come in the side door. They took my photo and index finger digital prints and electronic signature and gave me a choice. Either I can come back to PC in a few days or bring a piece of paper to the post office in Golfito and pay 3700 colones. I chose the latter and a week later showed up at the post office and received my cedula. I applied in Dec. 2014. I know, I was lucky. I was the first one there and it took a grand total of one half hour. PC also told me that if anyone in tramite is missing a document and needs to present it to immigration, he can bring it to PC and they will mark it in the computer and forward it on. Makes me wonder whether other regional offices have the same capability. My lawyer did not know this. Makes it so much easier.
  11. Thank you for your time and effort. What I still do not understand is, is this a second set of fingerprints and photos? Because I got the fingerprints and photos early on, as per my lawyer, and my expediente document shows that the fingerprints (and all the other boxes) have a check mark next to them. I was told that when I went to get fingerprints (and handed them the photos) (back in December 2014) to tell the taxi driver that it was the NEW fingerprint place, so I do not know if this is the same place as migracion. Thank you.

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