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  1. 1) There is no "expiration date " or time frame specifed for a birth certificate submittted to TSE for Naturalización. 2) What induna said. This goes for Naturalización por Matrimonio as well. 3) There is a simple and straight forward (relatively speaking) procedure for obtaining copies on file at Migración, no lawyer or notary needed. Submit request, receive return date, deposit $25 processing fee at BCR, return 4-5 days later on your specified date, receive copies. Also nominal cost for copies and timbres
  2. Criollo

    television or online tv

    I can watch Amazon prime directly on my computer or Android device without any additional app or VPN/proxy and can be "cast" directly to my standard TV without jumping through hoops. go figure.
  3. Criollo

    Moving cats

    Sedation is not recommended. Our dog was started on an anxiety reducer (something probably akin to Valium) about a week before the flight and similar medications are available for cats as well. Your vet will have more information on this. Familiar cat food brands are available, Science Diet, Iams, and Purina (which is cheaper where I am than the local fare) plus bulk food at the local coop here in southern Nicoya. .
  4. Criollo

    television or online tv

    I second that. Goes for couchtuner as well. While the sites themselves may not be malicious, some of the links they provide can definitely be malicious and more than "a little shady". The first couchtuner Blacklist episode I clicked on sent me to a site (out of the corner of my eye I noticed rerouting to horny dating blah blah blah) with a page full of naked women. Gracias a Dios I was alone at the time and not looking for something for the kids. I double checked my security settings and tried one more time and arrived at a phishing site asking me to create an account and enter my credit card info (NOT). I recall a similar experience a few years back when this subject was discussed. For now I'll stick to my DVD collection and being a season behind on Blacklist with kolbi fiber optic on AXN.
  5. Criollo

    Drivers License

  6. Excellent app. I've used it on numerous occasions. Convenient and easy to use. And you can add time from your phone, no more guessing how much time you have left or running back to feed the meter.
  7. If you are a citizen then select nacional, if not select extranjero. If extranjero, enter the last 10 digits of your No. Seg. Social. Don't enter the '7'. Validate your ID. Once validated then you can select your Area de Salud. Actually my area de Salud came up an I was offered a choice of clinics in my area which I then selected. Once I entered the expiration date and the captcha (that part always gives me the most problem) you will be registered and can then sign in. I was able to view my upcoming appointment at which time I stopped further exploration until a future date. Also somewhere along the way you enter your email and a password for login.
  8. Criollo

    Our Ebais Experience

    "Mainly they lack computerization or rather a NETWORK of computers. This is also true with drivers licenses and CAJA - it's not that they don't have computers - they do - but they dont' have all those computers connected on a network" All my medical information entered at my local clinic is stored at the Caja central server and accessible by any Caja clinic or hospital in the country (with Internet access of course ). My excellent US hospital/health system seems to have trouble sharing info between departments in the same building.
  9. Criollo

    Shoe size conversion

    Without knowing specifically what scale the '5' is, I would suggest taking her measurement in CM (centimeters) and go from there using the chart in the post above. If using a phone scroll the chart sideways to get to cm.
  10. Criollo

    Air Quality

    " Plus this website is strictly about volcanoes in Costa Rica " They also report on earthquakes, which includes a twitter feed.
  11. Criollo


    #HuracanOtto.Fuertes vientos y lluvias llegan al pais. Alejese de rios,zonas inundables,tendidos electricos y sitios de deslizamiento.Info cne.go.cr o 2210-28 Just got this text
  12. Criollo

    Aeropost Information Needed

    For your Amazon question #2, select your item and change your ship to country to Costa Rica to get an idea of the shipping and import costs. I have yet try this myself but some of the younger members of my CR family swear by this and tell me that it's generally less expensive than buying here. I have no more information on this and intend to investigate more thoroughly in the future. The import duty /taxes you will pay on a $50 purchase will vary greatly depending on the item purchased.
  13. Criollo

    Washing machine recommendation?

    LG 16.0kg turbodrum Temp = fría Nivel = 4/10 Cycle = Quick Wash Time = 22 minutes
  14. Criollo

    The End of an Era

    I pay online as well and still always bring the receipt,just in case.
  15. Criollo

    The End of an Era

    Never been asked for a receipt, just carnet and cédula
  16. Criollo

    Television in CR

    Still no Internet. I'm watching the Blacklist on Sky,AXN (213) jueves 21:00.They just started season 1.
  17. Criollo

    Dryer Problem

    By "start" shall I assume that you can hear /feel the motor running? This can be verified visually (and carefully ) with the rear panel off. (Some units also have a lower front access panel ) If the motor does not run then we have other things like bad door switches and high temp limits that can fail.
  18. Criollo

    Dryer Problem

    Most likely time for a new belt.The tensioner spring assembly may have also come loose or broken. With the unit unplugged try to rotate the drum manually. If it moves somewhat easily this should help rule out any issues with the felt seal or the drum rollers. Remove the rear panel and the problem most likely will be apparent.
  19. Criollo

    Decrease in CAJA monthly payment.

    9 colones increase here.
  20. BC Gal, are you referring to the Cóbano branch? It's been rejecting my chipped US debit card for a few months now as well as the Sta. Teresa branch, starting about the same time. Still works at the local supers as usual. Just thought it was my card as my BNCR card works fine and did not investigate further.
  21. Thanks eleanorcr for the clarification. As for the frequent payment box, once you get to the screen where you are ready to pay, below the payment amount box (monte) you will see a check box followed by' Incluir como recibo frecuente ' . Check that box and next month just go to Mis Pagos on the left side under Acceso to check the status of your bills.
  22. Remember not all pagos are available 24/7 (CCSS for instance). You will/may need to to add 998001 to your No. Seg. Social. And check the frequent payment box to add the Pago to Mis Pagos for future payments.
  23. For many years, until recently, most GE appliances were designed and made by Mabe in Mexico.

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