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  1. Update,had my appointment with ARCR on Jan.2 and received my Expediente No.today
  2. TJP


    I won't be there until Saturday(hopefully) but to all of you there already there if need be hunker down and be safe to all.Follow recommendations from services that's why they are there.
  3. A few years ago i left my Debit card in an ATM,you know the rest.I had to use Moneygram for a month until i was able to obtain a new one.I the the process of trying to find a sender i believe they had a list of all foreign country's where they were allowed to send to,unless of course you have used them in the past then i don'It should be relatively easy to obtain a list online.
  4. Well one of the nice things about retirement no place to be!I'll still be on vacation and i guess things are in the works anyway right.I will get there. Pura Vida
  5. I think my mistake i'm confusing ARCR hours with Immigration services,a different entity i think.Well hopefully i'll hear something before i have to travel,still gives me a month plus.Fingers will be crossed.Thank you for putting me back on track.
  6. Well i don't plan on driving and i will have been there a month already after my app. so i will have to wait and see if i get a file number between then if not i guess i visit Nicaragua again and hope my file No. will be on its way.Thanks
  7. Hello again,i know there are members who have went through ARCR for there residency. Now after i submit my application and necessary documents does anyone know if i will be issued any type of document/paperwork that will allow me to negate having to do a border crossing after three months? ----Tom
  8. Hi costaricafinca,I did check on the date for my appt.and it was confirmed this week its still on for Jan.2 jfyi .Better safe then sorry didn't want to have to spend an extra day.lol
  9. Costaricafinca i will definatley double check on that.Thanks----Tom
  10. Free is for me!I I think i will do that, if i need it fine if i don't fine.Better safe then sorry as they say.
  11. I may look at that,no cost i guess it wouldn't hurt. Thanks
  12. I've got all three so i am guessing i'm good to go.They just confused me by saying i need these three things and then saying i have to go to the embassy to get the letter didn't make any sense to me.Just wanted to make sure eyes are dotted and t s are crossed.I feel confident now i am good to go! Thanks for the reassurance----Tom
  13. I have asked that of myself also eleanorcr. Originally i was told i would need those three documents witch i have.Then i was told i would have to go to the Embassy and get a proof of income letter? Didn't make any sense to me sounded a little redundant.I guess i just want to make sure that i am ok with those three documents notarized and apostilled so i can just go to ARCR office and do what i have to.Just want to be on the same page.Thanks----Tom
  14. Hello all,back to the pension letter again originally was told i need birth certificate,police letter and proof of income letter from S.S.A. all notarized and apostilled all witch i have. Origanally i was told i have to make an appointment with the Embassy to get my proof of income letter then my appointment at ARC witch i have on Jan.2.As stated above you can request that letter online from the embassy?What would be the difference if you got this from your home state or the Embassy in San Jose.Yesterday i was told they are no longer replying to that request-don't know if they were talking about obtaining it physically from there or not.I guess bottom line i don't want to walk in there and be told i need to go to the embassy for something.I don't understand where the Embassy comes into play wouldn't anyone just get these document from there home state and be done with it.Thanks for any thoughts.----Tom
  15. Just caught that,i know the ARCR office is open on the 2nd they didn't mention any of the Government offices being open or closed.Will definitely have to check that.Thanks costaricafinca for bringing that to my attention.

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