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  1. Good idea another check on the list. Thanks Paul
  2. Thank you all. Just want to make sure. I'm sure I will have some surprises don't need any extras.Ha
  3. Hi, I'm inquiring about voltage needs. I know most tourist areas if not all are 110v.But is that the case in outlying areas also. Am wondering if there is a need for a converter? Thanks-----Tom
  4. For any of you from or familiar with Eastern Canada I just returned after having spent two weeks at the scene of that Horrific train accident,very devastating to a small town.It is hard to look at half of there main street just gone along with precious lives lost.I was there the week before the accident makes you wonder if I decided to go the following week!Talked with some people and it is expected to be 2-5 years before there is some form of normalcy.The Music Bar where many lost there lives has opened temporarily in a parking lot and holds benefits on the weekends.Looked to be close to 1,000 people this past one.A very resilient people that have come together.Prayers for them.---TJP
  5. Does anyone know how I can get my ARCR membership number and someone to contact as I have yet to receive my issue of ARCR.Thanks TJP
  6. Hi,am planning to apply for pensionado.Have read some of forums as to wait times etc.I have been quoted $2,600.00 from an attorney to handle this process does this sound reasonable?Plan on going to Guancaste province Coco beah area would love to hear from some if they are around this area.Thank you.Tom