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  1. Already heard back - here is his answer: You do not have a commercial company. You do have a civil company -the difference is that there is not a statue of limitation for liabilities. Civil Companies do not have to pay this type of tax. CEDULA JURÍDICA: x-xxx-xxxxxx NOMBRE O RAZÓN SOCIAL: x x x xxxxxxxx SOCIEDAD CIVIL CITAS DE PRESENTACION: TOMO: 2014 ASIENTO: xxxxxx CITAS DE INSCRIPCION: TOMO: NO HAY FOLIO: NO HAY ASIENTO: NO HAY ESTADO ACTUAL DE LA ENTIDAD: INSCRITA thanks! Squiggles
  2. I do not believe I have ever paid taxes on it. It was formed in July 2014. ugh! Looks like I will have to call my attorney... I thought the corporation tax was a fairly new item... Squiggles
  3. So I used this website to lookup my corporation: Putting in my "cedula juridica" number brought me to a page where it showed: Obligaciones Tributarias : No tiene (Tax obligations: None) So, I'm assuming I don't have to pay any corporation tax on this one... ? Squiggles
  4. Hey fellow BN users.... I just tried the instructions provided earlier by CanadaMan on the BN website and I get a message that "Cedula does not exist or has no registered debt" / "Cedula no existe o no tiene deudas registradas". We have a "sociedad civil" corporation and I entered the "Cedula juridica" number that is on the front page of the paperwork from the attorney/notary when we created the corp back in 2014. Any ideas?? Are some corps not subject to the taxation? This is the first year we actually had anything of value in the corp... Thx! Squiggles
  5. Squigglesrus

    Best way for medical insurance - Travel vs CR Plan

    Patsy - several of my neighbors have MediSmart and seem to love it. It pays for itself almost immediately! I do not have it as we have a private BC/BS plan on top of our CAJA usage. Squiggles
  6. Squigglesrus

    Requesting help

    As a Rentista, we are supposed to show $2500/month EXCHANGED from dollars to colones. I just make a once/month transfer from my $$ Banco Nacional account to my Colones BN account and save the paperwork. Note I say EXCHANGED, not SPENT. If I wanted, I could convert it right back to $$ and do it again next month (minus what was left in the currency exchange.) And, for the record, we also got our Temporary Residency (cedula in hand) in ~6 months. Used an attorney in SJ. Thanks! squiggles
  7. This thread just made my day!!! A 22lb Cockatoo.... that's a good one Paul!! S
  8. Squigglesrus

    negotiating Banco Nacional website

    I always get a pop-up of the transaction I just completed and grab that as a picture and save it off for later usage/reference. See if I can paste/attach a picture in here... obviously, the red ovals cover my info... :-)
  9. Thanks for the input folks.... I guess that's the confusion I have -- he says he "paid into SS", but SS office said contact the RR. So is it SS or a company pension? My neighbor thought it was SS all these years! Thx!
  10. Experts - I have a neighbor who is applying for residency and he worked for the Railroad in the USA for many many years. He called the Embassy in CR to get a copy of his "SS income" and they said they cannot provide since he worked for the railroad. He has to contact the railroad in the US to get a letter. He did that, but they will not notarize the letter. Has anyone on this forum gone through the Pensionado process being a retired employee from the US railroad system? I've never heard of such, but guess anything is possible given that I believe the railroad is a pseudo-government entity. Thoughts? Any advice/guidance would be great. Thx! squigglesrus
  11. We use our Chase chipped card everywhere (when not using cash) and we have never had an issue. Major stores (EPA, Price Smart) little local tiendas and the gas stations.
  12. We received our Cedulas on a Rentista application just a few months ago and it was still a requirement to show the conversion of $2500 to colones every month. This was covered by our attorney as well as the Immigration folks we dealt with. The conversion is what shows Immigration that you're actually "living" in Costa Rica and spending money - otherwise, how would they know you are spending here? As always, things may have changed in the last few months, but we continue to convert/exchange every month as directed (and we keep receipts of those conversions.) Your mileage may vary! Squiggles
  13. T&V - do you have Boomerang Wireless on your list? I have been talking with them some -- sounds very interesting, though pricey! Squiggles
  14. We have Kolbi service and works great in our area (Puriscal.)
  15. Absolutely! My kids know to call us on our CR cells if they urgently need something (as opposed to txt, VoIP phones, email, FaceTime, etc...). Process is easy - dial - 011-506-1234-5678 (011 means "international call, 506 is CR country code and remainder is your CR phone number.) Not sure of the cost, but certainly doable!! Squiggles

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