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  1. Thanks for the information Paul, I will do just that, I had thought that there might be communities that one buys into for a certain sum of money [200,000 or 300,000] and they pay a mntly. fee for all the services like back in the states. I will check those web sites out and see what I can come up with.
  2. Does anybody know if there are retirement communities for seniors 65 and older if they are a pensionado resident?
  3. Hi Salish sea, Pura Vida! When you say that they are different from each other, what exactly do you mean? My wife likes it less rainy and maybe a little bit warmer than San ramon. We do plan on staying at a B&B for at least one month before we make the final decision, any suggestions?
  4. Thank you for this information, we are going to do our do diligence and we will be meeting a tour guide in Oct. Ours plans are to check out Grecia and Atenas and decide on which suits the best.
  5. This may be out of topic, but would like to know about discounts allowed if any to retires over 65 applying for their cedula . I read an article that when you receive your cedula and our over 65 that you could use your card on buses up to 25klim for free and that they have similar discounts for seniors as they have here in the USA.
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