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  1. Hello all, Our house in Tamarindo has a rancho. We're looking to replace the rancho roof and ceiling. We haven't decided on what materials yet, but we have looked into using shingles for the roof and possibly teak wood for the ceiling. Currently the rancho has the dry palm leaves roof. Does anyone know any good roofing contractor in Tamarindo area? Hoping to get reasonable pricing as well. Thank you in advance.
  2. Looks like they accidentally do not register back our chip in their system after some re-structuring...they're going to fix it today.
  3. Yes, it's paid up to date. Don't know if neighbors are using ICE. I know one neighbor is not. Our property manager office hasn't had internet for few weeks now. Also using ICE.
  4. O yes, sorry. That would be helpful, isn't it? The house is in Guanacaste, outside Tamarindo (15 min. away), near Villareal.
  5. Our house has no internet now for about 5 days. ICE is the provider. Anyone knows if ICE is having problem right now?
  6. Bidadari

    Fixing the road

    Poco a poco....that is not a bad idea at all. We've never thought of doing that. The upper part of the hill seems to be the worst part every year. We researched pavers, mixing epoxy with the gravel, and a few other options which we are not sure whether those are available in Costa Rica. We are concerned the cost for these options are also sky high.
  7. Hello all, We own a vacation house in Tamarindo area. There is a dirt road going up hill leading to our house about 40 meters long. We are looking for alternative on how to fix it. So far it's been fixed year after year by just adding dirt and gravel. Of course that only lasts 1-2 year, then we have to fix it again. Anyone has any suggestions on alternative in fixing it? We have explored/researched using concrete. It is soooo expensive. We got a quote for around $18,000. The problem is the return on investment is so long for the concrete, since adding dirt & gravel only costs us about $6-800/year. Thanks in advance!

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