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  1. I'm a costa rican and believe it or not I have never tried one of them, but according to what people tell me, they are the fruits of the heavens, they just taste incredibly amazing. I might stop by a fruit shop and get myself one to see what's the deal about it.
  2. Well I'll be honest, it's not 100% joy and bliss when it comes to buying real estate, here in Costa Rica or anywhere else to be honest. But all in all you just need some really good places to start looking, stick with trusted big places, don't go looking for small unknown sellers. My advice would be to use this as a starting point: http://www.costaricarealestate.com/ because it has a lot of information and maybe you'd wanna buy from them too, it's a trusted site that's been there for a long while, with people that actually know what they are talking about. Also it's not run from Ticos, so you won't get a "gringo price" at all. (not disrespecting, I'm a Tico but I knoww things like that happen).
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