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  1. My business associate is a Canadian Architect and has teamed up with a good Tico architect so you can get the benefit of international know how and North American design concepts and standards along with local connections and contractors that exclusely work with the architect so that he knows their standards and ability to deliver quality in a timely fashion. For more information contact: mspawluk@yahoo.com.
  2. 401 K and IRA Investments in Foreign Real Estate So it is possible to have your retirement plan invest in Costa Rican real estate, the answer is yes but the question remains is this actually a smart idea or not? At first blush most of us would tend to jump at this idea as we get to do what we want without triggering sizable and painful tax erosion on our retirement account. Yes it is the least painful but is it a particularly good idea in the long run? My vote is no, this is not a good idea, kind of an instant gratification but with a great deal of longer term pain will result from t
  3. TAX EVASION COMMITTED BY OR ON BEHALF OF FOREIGNERS In the process of buying real estate in Costa Rica the typical foreigner often commits as many as three different types of tax evasion or tax fraud all of which I would suggest is 99% completely unknown to them. These offences normally are aided and abetted by advisors, professionals and sellers of property all of which do or certainly should know better. Hence it is more than a little difficult for the buyer to know exactly what and or why what has been done is in fact illegal. Since these activities are often completely ignored, or a
  4. You would pay them at Cortez and the rate is 1/4 of a percent of the declared value be aware that most people lie about the values of the property then wonder why municipalities have no money to fix anything, DAH!!!
  5. I could not help but comment on Newman's comment about CR's financial situation. Considering that a high perentage of readers are from the U.S. what should scare the hell out of people is the U.S. financial situation and a whole country of fools that can't see that there is something seriously wrong. When one researchs and reads writers that are not sanitized by the liars that run the entire so called news service one just might be asking some real hard questions. In reality deabt is a WAY BIGGER problem for the states than here when you break it down to a per capita basis. People and poli
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