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  1. Thank you Dana, on both threads -- have decided to buy wheeled duffels (3) and fit everything there as extra baggage. As to your notion about housing prices, I never respond when someone asks "what are you willing to pay". Bargaining 101:-)
  2. There is a very common theme in most of your answers, for which I thank you all. I will try local postings and word of mouth, as I'm not looking for a luxury rental nor to live in a fancy "Gringo" community. If I can find something decent in the $880 to $900 range, I will be happy. Don't need a swimming pool, love to garden and "fix" things, but don;t want to be too far from San Jose for the National Theater, bridge club and friends. Loved the hill area north of Alajuela, with easy access to the local market by bus. Thank you, all. Peter
  3. Thank you all. I accept your advice and will take a B&B for a while in the high area of Escazu. Would placing an ad in Tico Tines or La Nacion help? Peter
  4. Having just spent 2 months in CR doing such scouting, I do know the area I would consider -- lower rental areas of Esczu, Santa Ana, Alajuela, and at a stretch, Grecia or Ciudad Colon. I know I want to be at some elevation, preferably on the south side of the valley. Also know I want "ground-orientation" -- no condos or fancy gringo resorts. Thank you, Peter
  5. Thank you so much -- I would not ask for advice were I then going to ignore. it. What you and Eleanor have said makes sense. It's just that I had little luck north of Alajuela in looking for a place. I recognize the costs associated with an agency, and would, of course, prefer to avoid them. Peter ps any recommendations for B&B's in the Escazu/Santa Ana area?
  6. Thank you all, but I am looking for a one-year lease, so B&B's are not practical. I just spend 3 months in the country, so know the areas in the central valley I would like to live. Peter
  7. I am looking for recommendations on reputable rental agents/agencies for the Central Valley. Would appreciate hearing of good/bad experiences. Peter Hebb
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