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  1. There are still restrictions on traveling to Cuba. I have been to the country about a dozen times and traveled with a US Treasury Department license. It was legal to bring back a small number of cigars about 10 years ago, but once again there is a restriction on that. I don't smoke cigars, but on two different trips I bought some for friends and they "disappeared" from my luggage. Americans that have family in Cuba have limited legal travel privileges, but most Americans cannot travel there legally. That does not mean that it does not happen.
  2. I was sending messages with another member of the message board and a third party replied to the message and let us know they received a copy of our correspondence. I would like an explanation.
  3. I think you are a LITTLE CRAZY!
  4. Does anyone have any experience dealing with squatters on large rural properties? What are some solutions? We have been looking at various sized fincas while on this trip. Today, we saw one that the current owner had just finalized a court issue with some previous squatters. While we were viewing it today, there was someone else on the property. If you are living here full-time, it is not an issue. If you are planning to be out of Costa Rica for 6 or more months, it could cost you your property.