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  1. Thank you guys. Yes Tom. I know you can find good bargains and locally source appliances in Costa Rica. There is this brand MABE that apparently make decent quality stuff. The thing is I lived in the U.S. for a long time. And I like the possibility of choosing deferents finishes, styles, colors for my appliances. Costa Rica's offering in kitchen is so limited to the point of frustration. If you want something a bit nice and different you will pay a premium for that. For instance, I already got my fridge and oven from the U.S. they are kitchenaid, white steel, very sleek but nothing HIGH END. the fridge I got it at sears outlet for 900$, (brand new in the US costs $1800 The same model. stainless steel in CR costs CRC 1,800,000 pretty mucho 3 times what I paid. You see what I mean? I love scavenging for good prices and deals in the U.S, here in Costa Rica it is impossible at this point. I already made the first contact with Barquero Enterprises and Charlie Zeller, they are going to give me a call back on Monday. Lets see what happens. I will keep you posted.
  2. It truly does! Thanks so much. I will contact them today
  3. Thanks Paul. With Charlie Zeller, do you have to deliver the packages yourself at Port Manatee, or can you buy things online and ship them to him? What do you think about their rates? Thanks Paul.
  4. Hi, nice people! Its been a long time since I posted something on the forum. I need to catch up. Since we moved to Costa Rica 2 years ago we opened a nice cafe called Picnic in Santa Ana and we love it here. So much that we are finally buying a house. Our move from CR was smooth and pleasant a lot thats to this forum. We want to go to Miami and buy some furniture, new and used, appliances, etc. I know some local options are nice, but we scanned the market and we still believe its better ratio quality/price in the U.S. I will travel to Florida and buy the things in person. Arrange all in a pallet and different boxes and ship it to CR. Can you recommend a freight forwarder or carries that can move LCL or consolidations between Miami and CR? Thanks so much in advance. Juan
  5. Juantxo

    Finally making the big move in January!

    Sorry here is the link http://www.saronggoddess.com/Vacation/VillaVerde-PozosDeSantaAna/29883337_bWrhn9#!i=405963667&k=psDTRNZ
  6. Juantxo

    Finally making the big move in January!

    Hi Demgems So glad that you are finally making the move. We have been living here for 1 1/2 months and we are extremely happy so far. Regarding for what you are looking for a permanent place of living I can recommend this place where we found our home. We fall in love with it at first sight, Its pet friendly, its very well located in Pozos de Santa Ana, which is a very nice town with good weather. This place is like a small community, secure and friendly neighbors I havent taken a lot of pictures yet, but I found it via this blog http://www.saronggoddess.com/Vacation/VillaVerde-PozosDeSantaAna/29883337_bWrhn9#!i=405963667&k=psDTRNZ If you need more info or contact the owner let me know. Hope this is helpful
  7. They are back in business now, I actually had my farewell dinner there with my wife, delicious as always
  8. Hey Gayle, where do you go wine shopping?
  9. Thanks costaricafinca, we are very very excited about this.
  10. Yeees! I went to Oakland several times for concerts or for dinner. Its becoming more and more a very nice place for nightlife and dinning out. Our favorite place for dinner was Chez Panisse Cafe, is in Berkeley of course, and probably you already heard of it. If you havent tried it yet, you should. Their food is a big inspiration for us. As COSTARICAFINCA said. You should definitely check out Escazu and Santa Ana. These are places where you can walk and visit several cafes or restaurants by foot, but they are very expensive places to live. Grecia and Atenas are more rural but beautiful. We haven't picked up the location for our business yet. But we really hope to find something around Santa Ana as well, which will allow us to have nationals and tourists customers all year round. We will definitely will miss californian wine, Zinfandel became one of our favorite wines. I cannot really tell you if will find Napa wine in Costa Rica; probably, but it will be hard to find and pricey. From what I remember you can get a lot of asutralian, chilean, argentinian and spanish wines pretty much in every supermarket. I really think you guys will enjoy Costa Rica a lot, and it makes me very proud seeing this Forum with so many people loving my country. Thats one of the reasons we want to go back and give our best effort to make it a better place to no just eat, but to improve the way we produce and eat our food.
  11. Hi, yes, we lived in Marin County, San Anselmo to be precise. Where do you live there? I worked as chef at Cavallo Point Lodge, in Sausalito, and as a Pastry Chef in Picco Restaurant in Larkspur. My wife managed a cafeteria in Market Street downtown called Newtree. We are very excited to bring new ideas to Costa Rica in terms of food and restaurants. Food in Costa Rica is not bad, is not great either. It's just kind of boring. Every restaurant offers more or less the same. We hope to be able to contribute in something to the food scene over there.
  12. Hi, According to the information I received, a single pallet can carry up to 1800 pounds and be 7 ft tall. But is not recommended to go that high for obvious reasons of stability, but as long as it fits the container door, It can ship Now, for the freight California-Florida, the price is a result of WEIGHT AND SIZE. any single ounce or inch will increase the price. For the Florida-California trip weight is not a fact that affects the cost. Just size, (I guess there is a certain limit for weight, but not very easy to reach) There is different size of pallets, the standard being 40x48 Ours was bigger because one was too small for our things and two would get to pricey, So we got a bigger one. You can find pallets outside wallgreens or any grocery store or nursery. Just make sure they look in good shape to survive the trip, ours came from a nursery, I thought that if it was able to carry loads of stones it can carry some books and clothes. Just a funny and scary story: Our pallet was supposed to be picked up friday August 30th, and we were supposed to leave the apartment on saturday 31, and leave the country Monday September 2nd, (Labor day) The trucked arrived on time, but told us our pallet was not standard and he wont be able to pick it up with is pallet jack, He was a nice guy and gave it a try, just to see my huge pallet with all our belongings tilting to the sides and cracking. He told me to search for another pallet or two and start over. It was hard not to yell at him, I spent 2 weeks making that pallet look like a Rubic Cube, it was impossible for me to go and look for 2 pallets, adjust my budget and repack everything and have him pick it up monday when I was supposed to fly. He saw my concern and promised me to come back after his last pick up, and he was going to "figure out" what to do, but he was pessimistic I believed his word, but I decided to do something else as well, I went all around my town looking for a 2 pallet jack, I supposed it was possible to use both and lift the pallet from both ends. I found one at the same Nursery Store that gave me the pallet at first. Thanks so much Sunnyside Nursery at San Anselmo!! After a lot of stress, he came back after 7 pm, very tired and we both together manage to put the beast inside his truck. He confessed it was his birthday and I gave him some good teas as a gift, along a healthy tip for all his work. ----- This story just to let you know... be prepared for everything, and try to do everything with some extra time to burn just in case.
  13. Hi GAYLE I will, Im very excited to open up a new business in Costa Rica, and thats exactly the reason why we chose to come back, after working in some restaurants around the bay area we feel like we can do something different in Costa Rica. I will definitely will keep you on the loop for news. We will also give cooking lessons, private at home chef for events and parties. Thanks Gayle Juan
  14. im glad it was helpful, please dont hesitate to contact me if you need something else
  15. Hello As a lot of you, we are also moving from the U.S to Costa Rica this year. And our aim is to start a new business in food. I am a Costa Rica native guy living with his Belgian wife in California. I came to this forum looking for advices and tips on shipping my belongings to San Jose and we found a lot of useful information, Everybody here is most helpful and nice. For all of you who in any way reply to our previous posts, Thanks so much Now that all the process is done I would like to share my experiences and tips as well, since I know I used a completely different method as the majority of people here and the fact that I am actually from Costa Rica can be useful for some of you looking for answers. At California we had a small apartment, mostly Ikea furnished along with things we gathered during our stay in California, which was 3 years We were hesitating between a 40ft container, 20 ft container, or just some boxes. Since we are just a couple, and we can get around with few furniture we decided at the end to leave all furniture behind and start from scratch in Costa Rica, being conscious that we wont find good deals as in Ikea or any thrift shop. Also we were curios if we should take our car. We found this very useful http://news.co.cr/importing-cars-costa-rica/2644/ Based on the fact that we had a Toyota Yaris in California, and that we will definitely need a bigger sturdier car in Costa Rica for our business project, we decided to leave it behind as well. With those questions solved, then we needed to know how to ship a lot of belongings but not a whole household. Of plan is to move to Costa Rica and open a new food business. So we knew that we needed to send some kitchen material that is hard to find/very pricey over there. So boxes were not an option, because it would be too expensive to ship them due to the heavy weight of books, records and semi-professional kitchen material (we sent an ice cream machine, mixers, vacuum sealers, etc) We decided a pallet would be our best bet, now we needed to find who could ship a pallet from California to Costa Rica, which was not an easy task. That’s why we came to the forum. Sending things from California is not as easy as it is from Florida, because I believe the most used port is in Limon, which is in the Atlantic coast. So we needed to move our pallet from California to Florida, and then from Florida to Costa Rica. We heard a lot about Charlie Zeller, Barry Wilson and Arden Brink. We contacted all one by one, specifying our needs and the dimensions of the pallet we were sending, that were: 54” wide x 43” long x 66” tall 98 cubic feet Weighting 1500 pounds The pallet was composed of several different boxes with different sizes, all wrapped together with very sturdy wrap paper. Now, this is our personal experience only and people might have different experiences working with them Charlie Zeller was very difficult to get a hold of him, her secretary told us several times that he will call us back but he didn’t. When we finally were able to talk with him and explain our situation, he was very nice and helpful. And from that moment our emails were replied fast. His quote was out of our budget by far, and I guess its normal, he has a very very good reputation and I’m sure his services are spot on, but for a young couple on a budget for a new project was way too expensive Then we contacted Arden, she is a wonderful person, and despite her business does not include the moving of pallets, her input and help was sincere and most useful. She offered to give us advice even although we were not using her services. Then we heard about Mike Rappaport and LOMASER http://www.lomaser.com/ He was immediately very helpful and told us he could carry our pallet without any problem, he just needed me to fill out his form online and send it to him. His quote was VERY competitive. He offered to take our pallet from Florida to Costa Rica and included taxes and customs cleareance. We just needed to send our pallet from California to Florida, for that we contacted Dan Frazer frazer_dan@yahoo.com . He did an amazing job quoting our pallet and having it pick up at our place and delivered at Florida with no problems. From there Mike took it to Costa Rica for no more than $1000. The pallet arrived in one piece on the day I was told, No hidden charges, everything was in one piece, My parents pick it up and checked everything was as expected. I couldn’t be happier with the services of Dan and Mike. I know each scenario for a big move for Costa Rica are different, but I believe we achieved to send our most beloved items, that are impossible to transfer by plane with us, and too expensive to replace in Costa Rica for less than $1400. From my point of view, If you need to send a whole household in a container you are in good hands using Arden Brink services. But if you feel you can leave behind some furniture and big appliances, and only need to bring personal stuff to Costa Rica, those things that cannot be left behind but are way to heavy to transport. I would definitely contact Mike Rappaport. Hope this info helps some of you and let me know if I can be of further assistance. Juan

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