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  1. other opinions will not be tolerated I did not start this topic "ISIS & Costa Rica" !!!! The Moderator started and named this topic "ISIS & Costa Rica" and attached my name without my knowledge or permission !!!!!! Ron MODERATOR NOTE [AGAIN!] – THIS THREAD WAS SPLIT OUT FROM AN UNRELATED POST BY THE MODERATOR AND NAMED AS SUCH. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM HI-JACKING TOPICS. THIS THREAD IS BEING CLOSED SINCE IT APPEARS TO HAVE SERVED ITS PURPOSE.
  2. "Tom The Baker" is retiring this evening. Last chance to say goodbye is at the Grecia Feria tonight (Friday, May 29). Last chance for the great apple pie, bread, and more. He will be missed !!!!
  3. Gentle Forums Moderator - post # 6 I would like to suggest people who have interest and/or concern in this matter, contact their state governors. These are the people who appear to be the last line of defense, who have already refused implementation. Congress has tried twice in the past to repeal this ten (10) year old LAW without success. You are a veteran of many years CR Residency. Do you know how long CR has had the "smart" ID Card? (post #5 above) Ron
  4. induna post #2 "The excepts are drivel designed to inspire fear" "drivel" REALLY !!! This sent me to my Funk& Wagnall, 1) to let saliva flow from one's mouth; drool; slobber. 2) to speak in a silly or stupid manner. 1) Although I am approaching that age, as of yet I have not started to "drool" 2) I can not believe you would infer "speak in a silly or stupid manner" where as: a) It would be a violation of the Forum Rules, #2 - "Not tolerate abuse of any other member, their opinions, etc:" Where as I did not (speak) offer comment and or opinion, but only reprinted highlights o
  5. Mr. induna (post #2) "The excerpt are drivel designed to inspire fear" I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. Others may consider it to be informative. Of course I did include a link to the full article if you chose to review it. When I posted in March, the response was "that would never happen in the United Sates, the people would never stand for it". Well you can lead the sheep to water, but you can not always force them to eat spinach. And yes, I am required to accept Costa Rica's rules, procedures and NATIONAL ID CARD should I ever be accepted as a resident, but that is a cho
  6. Just for fun - or - to provoke conversation - or - to express one's views. Back on March 28 (Thread: what to show coming into CR - post #14) I relayed a RUMOR I came across on a Panama Blog - "Homeland Security to require passports for domestic air travel". Since then a friend in the U.S. sent me a link to an article on Safehaven.com of which I have listed the highlights of below. TSA Demands Internal Passport for Domestic Travel By: Wendy McElroy l Tuesday, February 10, 2015 "Precedents exist for requiring citizens to produce special ID for domestic travel; they include Nazi Germ
  7. AND THE WINNERS ARE Judges Choice 1st Place: Marine Corps League 2nd Place: Roca Caliente 3rd Place: South of "South of the Border" People's Choice Texas Fuego Chili
  8. SteveJ It was a successful turnout. It will be a few days before the totals are in (attendance & money), but quite a difference from the original started by "TOM & KAY COSTELLO" at their small restaurant in Atenas . There were only 6 participants in the cook-off that year. This year saw 21 competing for "BEST CHILI IN COSTA RICA". What had been a "Gringo's festival in the park" was expanded this year to be more "all inclusive", Ticos and Gringos. The hours were also expanded this year with a concert lasting until 10:00 pm (way beyond my bed time). I would recommend you check their we
  9. Just a reminder - Atenas Chili Cook-off this Sunday 2/8/15 New Location www.atenaschilifiesta.com Last year it was reported they raised $30,000+ for the local Orphanage.
  10. Ticochico Some very valid points. Before someone else says it, let me be the first: Ronofboston, this thread is about torture - not school prayer or pledge of allegiance. Start a new thread ! NOTE: Mentioned post was split off to create a new topic: 'Pledge of Allegiance & School Prayer', where that discussion may be continued. - Moderator Well I don't have time. We are off to Boston to see the real Santa (you do know SANTA CLAUSE is of IRISH decent, and lives in South Boston in the off season) Whishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Ron
  11. I for one thought it was a lively discussion with both sides presenting very viable arguments and points of view. We can always agree to disagree without taking it to a personal disagreement. I can and do respect each person's point of contention. Two items mentioned in this thread but not discussed (Pledge of Allegiance & School Prayer) I do have a brief comment on. 1) School Prayer : The U.S. Constitution is very definitive with respect to Separation of Church and State. It is not a document to be bent a little for one's convince and or beliefs. People always have options of their
  12. Seaturtlewoman Post #24 Thank you for your 10 years of thankless service (Police Force). Two of our sons are Law Enforcement Officers and we are constantly concerned for their safety. Again, Thank you Ron
  13. Tom & Marcia Post #21 My CORE VALUES are very simple, leave me alone, I'll leave you alone (not personal-just general). Value #2 - Hurt my family - you will pay dearly (not personal - just a fact) Ron
  14. RiverRomper Post #20 The professor did not answer the question, he presented a scenario and asked what "you would do to save your little girl". At what point would you consider Torture ? As for me personally , I would use everything available to save my little granddaughter. If I failed, then he too would be DEAD !!
  15. Tom & Marcia No offense meant, no offense taken. Some time ago Professor Allen Dershowitz, Harvard University, prominent scholar on United States Constitutional Law (and self described Liberal Democrat) was asked his professional opinion regarding the U.S. use of torture and applicable laws. His response, and I paraphrase: "Torture is a Relevant Term". Your little girl is kidnaped - the police capture the culprit, learn that he has buried her in a small box underground and she has less than 1 hour of air remaining before she suffocates. He refuses to divulge the location. To
  16. I still think "BEHEADING" someone on national TV is the worst TORTURE imaginable. What their families have to endure. You have to look deeper to understand why the GOVERMENT would release such an outrages report, endangering so many Americans for retaliation, especially considering all that is still "classified". I did watch the events unfold (Live TV) on September 11, 2001, and at that time I only could hope that our government would take all retaliatory actions at their disposal to avenge such a grievous deed (3,000 dead). More than lost at Pearl Harbor.
  17. newman - Post # 69 While researching other info I came across an area that may help you. If you google "hospital price list" there is a listing titled "Hospital Pricing no longer a secret" by the huffington post.com. dated May 8, 2013. In the second paragraph there is a link for "federal data base of national health care costs" click on and it takes you to CMS.gov. Example given in Huff Post is $99,690 for procedure in N.J. hospital while 30 miles away in a N.Y.C. hospital the cost of same procedure is $7,044. Good Luck & Pura Vida Ron
  18. just another great day in paradise David, (Ref: Post #59 Above) Where do you get your erroneous numbers from, only 11 million. Did your TRIBE once again hire ACCORN (Formally "Black Panthers of the late 60s - think Islamic Terrorist of their day) to count how many Illegal Aliens there are. They did a fine job the last time you hired them for voter enrolment, especially when they enrolled the same woman for 8 different address's in Chicago. You state employers who hire illegal aliens do withhold taxes. Do you not know that it is Illegal for employers to hire Illegals. It is against t
  19. As Riverjob has stated "Back on Track" Even I don't know what is affordable back in the U.S. anymore. This thread, and others like it have been eye opening. What with new deductibles, increased co-pays, $1800/mo. versus $40/mo. coverage cost, declining doctor participation, $12,000-$5,000-$1,000 deductible. The list keeps growing and I'm not sure where it will end. I will address an issue and advice I have for those retuning to the States of which we have had some first hand knowledge. I urge DanaJ to please correct any miss-speak on my part where as she may have more recent info since the
  20. David There you go again, always wanting to deal in FACTS and ruin a good RANT. If the "ILLEGAL ALIENS" are granted Amnesty, and a path to Citizenship are they not legal residents .(ie: your residency in Costa Rica and access to CAJA) ? And if you are going to tax them, are they not entitled to representation. You may recall when you were a little boy the CALL of the Country was "Taxation without Representation -- NEVER" and you and your dad sent those British packing. As for your comment "with no hope, ever, of benefiting from" I guess you haven't traveled through Massachusetts latel
  21. Second Thoughts It's been a while since I have been updated by my esteemed colleague on this Forum, but last I heard there were approximately 7.2 million people enrolled in "ACA" (less than 2% of total population), far fewer than that touted at the time of passage. As we all know "Laws" can be adjusted-bent- and manipulated to fit "the needs of the people". With the evolving NEW direction of Amnesty for ILLEGAL ALIENS it looks like we may see a dramatic increase in enrolments by up to 20,000,000. I do wonder at what rate they will be charged. And why not, Costa Rica grants us (aliens) partic
  22. Oh, oh, sounds like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this beautiful day !!!! David, you can always count on me, whether for a RANT or support. That's what friends are for. Overweight- older than you look- no sense of hummer, my god, if we can find 2 more faults you may qualify for the "Americans with Disabilities Act". Are we still on for dinner tonight ? Ron
  23. David, David, David, What are we to do with you. I followed your exploits this past week where you did battle with the Evil Empire, THOSE people who are still living on the outer fringe of real life, still living in caves in the Arenal area, the tribe from the Nicoya Peninsula, and those people from the Southern Zone. How dare they attack your way of life. You handled yourself admirably in the way you responded in your self-righteous, arrogant manner. I was most impressed by the way you dispatched them with the condescending tone you employed. (and you wonder why Ryan hasn't returned your phon
  24. DanaJ You may be correct. Although I have always carried Part B, I have never used it. (I use to be a kept man, but alas my wife retired and I no longer am covered by her insurance) My wife did use her Medicare during a recent U.S. trip and that was our first encounter of a DEDUCTABLE. I also do not doubt the facts you offer about pre-dating Obama Care. My point is that it is the same POLITICIANS who passed Obamacare as the ones who passed Part D - an early Christmas present for the Pharmaceutical Companies and a total sc___w job to the taxpayers. There is only (I believe) 4 to 6 years separ
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