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  1. other opinions will not be tolerated I did not start this topic "ISIS & Costa Rica" !!!! The Moderator started and named this topic "ISIS & Costa Rica" and attached my name without my knowledge or permission !!!!!! Ron MODERATOR NOTE [AGAIN!] – THIS THREAD WAS SPLIT OUT FROM AN UNRELATED POST BY THE MODERATOR AND NAMED AS SUCH. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM HI-JACKING TOPICS. THIS THREAD IS BEING CLOSED SINCE IT APPEARS TO HAVE SERVED ITS PURPOSE.
  2. Congratulation. Time to enjoy the Pura Vida Life Paula
  3. (REFERANCE- ENOUGH is ENOUGH - JUNE 25, 2015) ONE THOUSAND & THIRTY TWO DAYS (2 years, 10 months, and 3 days) AND I HAVE FINALLY RECEIVED MY CEDULA !!!!!!! Thanks to many of the seasoned veterans of this forum for their support and guidance. We decided after the last communication with ARCR (Fulfill your obligation or refund my money), ANSWER: (We have fulfilled our obligations) to take the advice of the BEST & BRIGHTEST on this forum. We hired a fluent Spanish speaking gringo (Robert of Grecia) to accompany us to Immigration to investigate our status and delays. Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Conversation between Robert and Immigration Agent (Building #4-Window # 10-Application Status) (Agent looks up my computer file) "Her file is inactive !" Robert: WHY ? Agent: We sent notification to her attorney in April noting a missing document. He had 45 days to respond and after he did not the file became inactive. Robert: What document is missing ? Agent: The marriage certificate. Conference, me, Ron and Robert. Ron notes they had the documents when they issued him his Cedula in June. Robert: Document most likely in the husband's file. Agent: Take a seat and I will have both files sent over. 1 1/2 hrs. Agent: Yes we have the document. I will try to have my supervisor resolve this for you today. Please take a seat. 1 1/2 hrs. Agent: Here is your letter of Resolucion. Pay the fees, enroll in Caja, get fingerprints, need 2 photos, call for appointment (phone # 1311) to receive Cedula. 3 1/2 hours and we were on our way. Friday, September 18, Pay fees at BCR. Drive to Immigration and take a cab from there to Police Station (5,600 colones) for finger prints ( 3 passport photos & Passport). Local Clinic closed on Friday. Monday, September 21, 2015. Enroll in Caja. Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Return to immigration for 9:00am appointment. Present receipts, fingerprints, Caja Membership & show Passport. Signed electronic signature and one fingerprint. Wait outside to be called for Cedula. 11:30 am and we were headed home, LEGAL. YEA. Summary: We have paid something less than $5,000 for services and government fees to ARCR and the Costa Rica Government. This does not include the costs incurred for constant "BORDER RUNS" to continue driving privileges with no acceptable results (1032 days). The bottom line is we paid "ROBERT of Grecia" $XXX.xx , and in SEVEN DAYS I had my Cedula. I Know many people who swear by ARCR, and I am sure they have done many good things for their members, but unfortunately it was not our experience. I will repeat "Gayle's" (and many other forum members) WARNNIG to Newbies, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER PAY 100% of legal fees up front. You have no leverage. Just a side note: Immigration changed my on-line status to Resulcion 7 days ago. I still haven't heard from ARCR, or the attorney yet. Again, THANK YOU ALL ON THIS FORUM FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GUIDENCE. Paula PS: Contact "Robert of Grecia" @ 8463-8887 (after Oct. 20)

    T&VSmith I for one have enjoyed your posts and shared info. I never worry about "old timers" opinions, but have learnt much from them. As for "moderators", I'm sure I have, on some occasions, pushed them to the limit. It is a FORUM to learn, enjoy, and voice opinions without unreasonable "censorship". As stated before, a Homogenized FORUM is a BORING forum.

    Enough is Enough So what started this downward spiral in RESIDENCY application ? We signed our contract with ARCR on November 19, 2012. While attending to other business in San Jose on December 19, 2012, we stopped at the ARCR Office to update our phone number and mailing address. We asked for a update on our status. By the end of the conversation, Paula got up and walked out, all but in tears. Once outside she vowed "I WILL NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT OFFICE AGAIN", and to this day she has not. Below is a reprint of the LETTER OF PROTEST sent the next day to Ryan Piercy. From: Ronald Sullivan To: Ryan Piercy ; Romulo Pacheco Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2012 4:59PM Subject: STATUS Never have I endured such indignity as I experienced today (Dec. 19) in the ARCR office at the hands of one of your staff members. To have her repeatedly call my wife a liar over and over - "I told you - Your wrong - It's in my notes". Any attempt at civil conversation was rebuked with "NO, YOUR WRONG, - IT'S IN MY NOTES - NO, I TOLD YOU". The final straw was as Stated " I SAT IN THE OFFICE AND EXPLAINED ALL THIS TO YOU". What was implied by ATTITUDE was " if you didn't understand what I said to you , you must be STUPID-STUPID-STUPID". At this point I interceded and asked for the current status of our application for "Pensionado". I was informed by said employee "We haven't done anything with your application (since Nov.2012), we are waiting for you to secure your Social Security Letter from the U.S. Embassy, and we are waiting for your Apostle Birth Certificates and Police Letter. What Police Letter "Apostle" ?? We were told the "Notarized" Police Letter was fine and we only needed to update and "Apostle" Birth and Marriage Certificates. Again the response from your employee was the same " No NO you were told - It's in my notes" We did pay ARCR a considerable sum $ to secure a "apostle marriage certificate from CA. USA, but chose to have our son (local to Boston) to secure the necessary "Apostle" Birth Certificates. Now, unless I am STUPID, wouldn't I have had him secure an "Apostle Police Report" at the same time. The next item is when I informed her I had obtained said Social Security Letter several weeks before and delivered it to our assigned ARCR Attorney, Mr. Romulo Pacheco, I was immediately chastised for not delivering it first to ARCR. " WE REPRESENT YOU" all documents should go to us first". WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW THIS BEFORE !!!! Now I am really confused. First I sign a agreement with, and pay ARCR to represent me in applying for Pensionado. ARCR in turn takes me upstairs to meet with my assigned attorney, Mr. Pacheco who is going to handle my case. After introductions and a brief meeting Mr. Pacheco has me sign a contract (in Spanish) for $2,100.00 and states he does not represent ARCR, but us. The "Apostle" Birth Certificates were Fed-Xed, Tracking #801423830689, on Nov. 28 and signed for by Y. Murillo. Again your employee chastises me for not having them delivered to ARCR first. At this point I have to ask myself " WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT ARCR" "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY ASSIGNED LAWYER? E-MAIL-NO RESPONSE- PHONE CALL- NO RESPONSE. FILINGS-NONE. When I requested your employee to call upstairs and verify receipt of all documents and current status, I was informed the documents are waiting to be transcribed and filing will not be until Jan. 2013. UNEQUIVOCALLY AND WITHOUT QUESTION I WAS TOLD BY YOU, YOUR LEGAL ASSISTANT AND BY THE ATTORNEY, that the DOCUMENTS presented to you during our meeting would in no way delay our filing for Pensionado. It was stated by all 3 of you "after initial filing we will substitute the "Apostle" documents. THIS IS A FACT,- IT'S IN MY NOTES !!!! Being a member of ARCR (#11020) and having attended the ARCR relocation seminar, I am fully aware of the "self life" (6mos.) of the documents sitting on someone's desk yet to be filed. In closing I stress the current status: 1) We have paid ARCR $2,982.00 US Dollars 2) Our current status is "NO APPLICATION SUBMITTED" 3) Our documents will expire April, 2013 4) Additional 90 day departures will be required (not budgeted) I may be in a new country and adjusting to a new culture, BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I AM GOING TO SIT THERE AND HAVE A CONDESCENDING, SELF RIGHTEOUS, ARROGANT PERSON CALL MY WIEF A LIAR !!!! I respectfully request a meeting with you at your earliest convince to resolve these issues. Ron Sullivan Member # 11020 Phone # 8446-8912 FOOT NOTE: 1) We did hear from attorney Pacheco upon receipt of our e-mail. He voiced grave concern regarding the incident and noted that said employee did not work for him, but had she, he would ........... He also stated we were not to worry about the "Apostle Police Repot". He would take care of it. (mail document to Secretary of State with a self addressed, stamped envelope for return) 2) Of the 2 documents required during our meeting of November 19, 2012, our son secured the Apostle Birth Certificates and FED-Xed them to the lawyer. Total of 9 days. The Apostle Marriage Certificate which ARCR was paid $250 to use their "Currier Service" to secure said document was not secured and filed with Immigration until May 15, 2014. THAT IS 542 DAYS !! As I have said, that goes well beyond Incompetency and enters the realm of AN ACT OF MALICE. 3) We never did have the requested meeting with R. Piercy. In fact he has never called. I guess it wasn't that important to him. As for the advice "I should call him" let me be perfectly clear, I am the customer, if the company doesn't have the decency to care about a wronged customer I have no use for them. I do hope everyone has a PURA VIDA DAY, and NEWBIES "TAKE WARNING" Ron & Paula

    TicoGrande Post # 6 "ARCR is closing their offices and moving" When ? To where ? I have not seen any announcement. I thought they owned the building. salish sea Post #15 Item 1 "If attorney wants entire amount up front" Gayle is dead on. I wish there was a method of informing all potential NEWBIES of this danger. If they ask for 100% up front, don't walk away, RUN. eleanorcr Post # 19 "your attorney took so long" I believe the delay in the document filling was as much ARCR's fault as the Attorney's. Although he should know what and when items are required, It was ARCR personnel who failed to deliver it to him. And to Mr. Newman: I've got to believe that somewhere along the line you really pissed off GOD in your former life. Although I enjoy your post for the hummer you offer, I for one would not wish to see you leave. A homogenized forum can be quite boring.

    ENOUGH is ENOUGH Thank you for your responses and support. Our attorney responded within 2 1/2 hours with a one paragraph response. It is best summarized by the opening sentence "In your case we have fulfill our obligations". Our situation is unique in that a crucial document had been withheld from our Immigration file for a period of 511 days. What we had thought was "standard bureaucracy and delays" was dispelled when in December of 2014 we received a e-mail from our attorney noting a meeting with Immigration to discuss our case. He stated " "we showed the receipts and copies of such documents submitted may 15 2014, and they acknowledge receipt of them". May 15, 2014 is seventeen (17) months after we had contracted with ARCR. Why the delay ? We are of the opinion it was retaliation for a ugly confrontation in the ARCR Office (December 19, 2012) and subsequent LETTER OF PROTEST sent to Mr. Ryan Piercy. What was originally perceived as incompetency now raises the question of "Malice". We have decided, after incurring costs close to $4,000.00, to take Mr. Induna's advice and pursue resolution on our own. We will hire a fluent speaking person and visit Immigration. It is time to get back to the PURA VIDA life, which is why we came to Costa Rica. Paula & Ron
  8. The following e-mail was sent today to ARCR. Subject: File # 135437100 ENOUGH is ENOUGH From: paula sullivan (jrosgrammy@yahoo.com) To: legal@arcr.net: romulo@residencycr.com: rpiercy@arcr.net: Date: Monday, June 29, 2015 9:00AM Today marks the 951st day (2 years and 8 months) since contracting with ARCR for "Pensionado Residency". Either fulfill your obligations or refund my money. Paula J. Sullivan 8446-8019
  9. Mr. Induna As I have noted below in Post "overstaying visa", I have come to rely on your research and points of FACT with viable links. This is another case of ARCR Forum members (myself included) following one set of rules (Immigration) without clear understanding of another government agency's rules (Cosevi). Not being flaunt in Spanish, and being far too old to be taught, I rely on this Forum for most of my guidance. As for taking the bus, yes it was an option, but believing in the 91 day rule, I had committed to pick up friends the next day at the Airport, and then pick up my returning wife the following day. The important question based on various member's input is, are you covered by Car Insurance for up to 90 days or 3 months. I do wonder if the Insurance agent knows . Pura Vida Ron
  10. Regrettably, it's not a humorous subject when you have that "ACCIDENT" on the 91st day and find your insurance no longer covers you according to the BEST and Brightest on the ARCR FORUM. (see below- "overstaying visa"). If you enter Feb.1, your 3 months equal 90 days. If you enter May 1, your 3 months equal 93 days. UNTIL RESOLVED I SUGEST DO NOT HAVE A ACCIDENT ! Ron
  11. CORRECTION-CORRECTION-CORRECTION YOU CAN NOT APPLY UNTIL 3 MONTHS AND ONE DAY (arrive on the 21st-wait 3 months ((21st)) plus one day. First the basics: 1) You can not apply until you have your Cedula (Residency Card) 2) Your first License is only issued in San Jose - thereafter renewals are available at local areas. 3) A medical check-up (eye test-blood pressure-heart/lung) is required and most doctors can accommodate this. The information is entered into the computer system and you are given a computer "File Number". There is a medical office in the adjacent parking lot which costs 18,000 colones. 4) You must have a active/valid drivers license from your home state, or take the Costa Rica driver course/test in Spanish. 5) You can not apply while your visitors visa/passport is active !!!! When you entered the country last, Immigration stamped your passport and entered the number of days (up to 90 days) you were allowed to remain in-country. If given 90 days, you can not apply until your 91st day in-country. NOTE: It is illegal to drive at the expiration of your Immigration Stamp. 6) No appointment required. Walk in, first come, first served. WHAT IS REQUIRED WHEN APPLYING: a) your passport & 2 copies of the first page and the last entry stamp. (I was told copies of all pages) your Cedula & 2 copies. c) your active Drivers License & 2 copies. d) The Medical "file number" MY ADVENTUE: PART I - JUNE 22, 2015 June 22 is my 91st day since my last entry into Costa Rica (March 23) Arrived at 8:30am, accompanied by a friend who speaks some Spanish. A guard at the front door reviewed my documentation and noted I needed 1 additional copy. While my friend went to get the copy, the guard showed me where to sit and wait. I was 7th in line. When my friend returned we were 4th in line, and after 20 minutes went to the next available clerk where we were informed we were in the wrong line and needed to be on the second floor. Again, we are 7th in line on the second floor and after 1hr. we are called into the Inspector's office. He is a very thorough man who checks each and every page of my passport, then compares each page to the copies I have provided. He went on line not once, but twice to verify my medical report. He studied each and every document for 15 minutes and then told my friend I needed to come back after the 23rd of June. She told him that today was the 91st day to no avail. Her comment to me was "He is not going to change his mind, you have to come back after the 23rd". Just because your paranoid doesn't mean the World isn't out to get you! MY ADVENTURE: PART II - JUNE 25, 2015 (DAY #94) I returned on Thursday , June 25th (we will not discuss how I got there where as it is ILLEGAL to drive after your visa/passport stamp expirers). The guard escorts me to the second floor where once again I am number 7 in line. To my surprise I am called in next (repeat offender). The nice lady repeats the efforts of the first inspector and stamps all my documents. Next stop is downstairs at window #1-2-or 3. Here the young lady reviews all documents and stamps, then proceeds to input all information into the computer. When complete she gives me a document to take to a office at the front gate. This is where I make my 5,000 colone payment and with a receipt for payment return to window #2 for my picture, finger print, and electronic signature. After 5 minutes I am called back and given my new Costa Rica License. Total time of second visit, 1hr. License is valid for 3 years. Pura Vida Ron
  12. "Tom The Baker" is retiring this evening. Last chance to say goodbye is at the Grecia Feria tonight (Friday, May 29). Last chance for the great apple pie, bread, and more. He will be missed !!!!
  13. Newbie here

    We have always subscribed to "travel alerts", "vacation alerts", and "air fare alerts" through multiple sites. An example was a special for Grand Bahama Island, all Inclusive (Air Fare-Transportation to/from airport-Lodging-Meals-and Cocktails), 3 day, 2 nights for $199.00 (less than the cost of a weekend on Cape Cod). We used these sites on our first 30 day trip to Costa Rica with savings of 50%. We spent 3 nights at a resort in the Lake Arenal area at the beginning of our trip and 4 nights at a resort in the Coco Beach area at the end of our trip. Each day was spent exploring the local areas. Pura Vida Ron
  14. Gentle Forums Moderator - post # 6 I would like to suggest people who have interest and/or concern in this matter, contact their state governors. These are the people who appear to be the last line of defense, who have already refused implementation. Congress has tried twice in the past to repeal this ten (10) year old LAW without success. You are a veteran of many years CR Residency. Do you know how long CR has had the "smart" ID Card? (post #5 above) Ron
  15. induna post #2 "The excepts are drivel designed to inspire fear" "drivel" REALLY !!! This sent me to my Funk& Wagnall, 1) to let saliva flow from one's mouth; drool; slobber. 2) to speak in a silly or stupid manner. 1) Although I am approaching that age, as of yet I have not started to "drool" 2) I can not believe you would infer "speak in a silly or stupid manner" where as: a) It would be a violation of the Forum Rules, #2 - "Not tolerate abuse of any other member, their opinions, etc:" Where as I did not (speak) offer comment and or opinion, but only reprinted highlights of an article I thought informative to other Forum Members. As for your comment "Costa Rica must be just like Germany -------and South Africa -----because it has a National ID Card". I am curious, how long has CR had this national ID Card ? Always ? Since the last trade agreement ? Since FATCA ? Where did they get the technology for this card ? So far, even the United States has not been able to implement this technology. I do have a political comment of my own, which I am sure you would like me to share with you. I can not buy liquor without an ID. I can not cash a check without an ID. I can not open a bank account without a ID. I can not get a license without a ID. Soon I will not be allowed to board a plane in the U.S. without a Federal ID. BUT I CAN VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES - NO ID REQUIRED.