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  1. We ordered and received internet and TV from Cabletica in less than a week start to finish in the Esterillos/Playa Bejuco area. What are are you in?
  2. toocouture


    Registered with Caja today as pensionados under 55. The amount was based on the actual pension amount and not the $1000 a month requirement. They did however take into account our expenses and the number of people in our household.
  3. toocouture

    new car pricing

    A Hyundai Tucson will be around $35k
  4. My husband uses it. There isn't anything crazy difficult to it but they do take a good 3-4 months to reimburse. We initially used a Veterans program to assist us here in CR but it wasnt worth the while and I question their practices. We also use Tricare which seems to be a bit quicker in reimbursing, especially if you submit the receipts, paperwork, etc via their website.
  5. toocouture

    Dog crate (in-home use, not travel)

    There is a "USA Import" place on the Pan American Hwy between Palmares and Naranjo that had quite a few a month ago.
  6. Waiting for final signatures and then approval (resolucion notificada). http://www.migracion.go.cr/servicios_linea/estado_expediente.html
  7. My status changed to Resolución Firma at the beginning of April. Still patiently waiting.
  8. I dropped a cutting board on a "Mama" who charged at my foot while I was in the kitchen. So I dropped the cutting board on her. She never crawled out from underneath, but 20+ of her babies did. Thankfully, those little un's didn't make it past my flip flop of death. But I'll never forget those five minutes of pure hell while I watched them slither from underneath and scatter at my bare foot. Hated to kill them. Yet, I had to do what I had to... I left that cutting board on the floor with Mama underneath for a good two hours to make sure nothing else was coming out from underneath. I had scorpions in Georgia but none that charged at me from across the room. And they weren't 5+ inches long (not including tail) PS. I live in the Central Valley.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot. Scorpions carry their babies on their backs. I too learned that the hard way.
  10. I used to do this while we still lived in the US. Use the blacklight with caution, you might not want to know what's there! Blacklights are also a good cleaning tool, but again, beware of what lurks….
  11. toocouture


    My husband went here http://www.imagenesmedicas.cr in front of Hospital Mexico. His cervical spine MRI was $800. The facility seemed brand new and the staff was great.
  12. Do you have a link to more info regarding this? If true, I can figure that means it will take even longer to receive our reimbursement checks in the mail. Yay. Edited to add: Never mind, here's a link to some info http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/article/20140119/BENEFITS06/301190005/Tricare-centers-closing-soon They should have closed those centers years ago. Non story IMO.
  13. toocouture

    Cardiologist Referral

    I can't answer for Biblica or Cima, but Dr. Saenz at Hospital La Catolica is great! http://www.hospitallacatolica.com/es/doctores/dr.-manuel-eduardo-saenz-madrigal-974
  14. toocouture

    Car Dealer Recommendations

    We bought a Hyundai from Grupo Q and were VERY pleased with the experience. We finally chose Hyundai because of the ease of finding parts and also they offered a 3 year warranty. We are very happy with our Tucson.
  15. toocouture

    Favorate CR Eats-Five Times

    Andiamo La for excellent Italian in Santa Ana, across from Taco Bar. Their pulpo is exquisite.

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