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  1. Eating shark is not the problem. The problem is shark finning when literally millions of shark have their fins cut off and then they are dumped back in the sea and obviously die.
  2. This is a Catholic country and if you want a secular country move to the US or Russia or some other country that wants God completely out of everything.
  3. As a previous US Immigration officer I can add some comments to this. The Cuban government used to stamp a removable paper either visa or blank paper for US Citizens so that you would not get in trouble when returning to the US. If you are like tibas9 with 2 passports you have no problem because you can travel to Cuba with the CR passport and into the US with the US passport. If you travel to Cuba be warned, if they stamp your passport as indicated above you may have no problems entering the US and they may let you slip by but enforcement in the US changes daily and different priorities are gi
  4. With Manning as the Quarterback the Broncos will win the Superbowl. There will be no load stadium and it won't be just Wilson and Lynch. Manning has multiple receivers and running backs.
  5. Rick, I hope you are right on you predictions. Aside from the point spread, you either win or lose to go to the SuperBowl. Pat
  6. Lucybelle, I worked for the Immigration Service for many years. Marriage fraud is rampant and is constantly scrutinized.50-60% of illegal aliens are overstays. Contacting your congressman will shine light on the application but really not hurry it up. I will give you some hints from someone that has worked there. Be polite and courteous- they are holding all the cards. If he are applying as a non immigrant (visitor) you need to show that you will be returning to Costa Rica. This includes have property, etc that will bring you back and not overstay. If you are having him apply as an immigrant
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