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  1. Thanks so much, yes the time factor is relevant. I am hardly young (43) and saying we have "deep pockets" made my husband and me both chuckle, but I appreciate your input. It was fun to ask our local friends in our pueblo about their direct experiences. Heard mostly positive, some warnings. But this topic has definitely warned us to be aware and maybe even a bit vigilant, which I think is a good thing. I like this part: "My advice would be to have an eye that what you buy is rent-able."
  2. What is happening on this thread in regards to negativity being more common than positivity is called the "Zeigarnik Effect". We remember emotionally unresolved, therefore negative events, much more readily than the positive. (I'm a psychotherapist and that's why I geek out on this stuff.) My guess is that it is skewed because people who have had wonderful experiences in Costa Rica are less likely to post here. I will add how wonderfully helpful all the info is....both positive and negative. Living here is probably a blend of both extremes. Leaving your home country to escape to *paradise
  3. I found this article to be interesting and helpful: http://amcostaricaarchives.com/2013/02/lawyer-gives-some-solid-tips-on-protecting-real-estate-here/ Also, an article on the increasing cost of living in CR: http://insidecostarica.com/2013/03/05/cost-of-living-in-costa-rica-increases-at-fastest-rate-in-eight-years/
  4. Wow...how interesting. Not a single person recommended buying real estate in Costa Rica. Anyone out there recommend buying real estate here, other than disreputable realtors?
  5. That aspect is definitely a very minor concern for me. Big sky, nature, time with my family and a community I love far outweigh material things for me, always have. I'm sorry if you got that impression about me from the previous comment.
  6. We've moved to Costa Rica after spending many winters here and searching all over for what area suits us best. We are going to take the next year to slowly and cautiously look around and buy property to build a house upon. We love the Tico culture, the area we want to settle long term is a pueblo in which Ticos and Gringos intermix and mingle. We send our kids to school here with the Ticos and we have applied for residency. We have worked very hard to be here for 20 years, probably like many of you, and saved to buy our little slice of heaven. So we want to be cautious and smart. I am
  7. Anyone have a specialist to recommend who is knowledgeable about these things?
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