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  1. Congrats, Tiffany. Your Hawks played a good game! We knew it wouldn't be easy to beat you. Will be routing for y'all in the future games. Disappointed Who Dat! dem
  2. GREAT ONE, Paul! Like I said ... more entertaining than any of the network offerings. I'm over here craving "sa-mo-ah" laughs!
  3. I'm still in the USA and I don't have cable so TV programming is pretty limited ... I guarantee you guys are more entertaining than *any* of the network offerings. To quote Tiffany, "bwajajaja!" dem
  4. Dave, so succinctly put! Indeed, I am hysterical about the prospect of growing old on SS here in the states! I know that I'm facing a very uncomfortable, unhappy life close to the poverty line if not below it. I've been reading all the posts about increasing costs in CR and just shaking my head. Some of the posters don't seem to realize that things have gotten worse here too. My medicare/Humana premium and co-pay both continue to go up while services and coverages get cut back. There is no public transportation where I live and a 13 mile taxi ride into town, one way, costs from $25 to $40 with either of our three taxi services! Electricity, food, everything goes up continually. In January I was paying US$3.09 per gallon for gasoline and my last fill up on 7/25 was US$3.39. That's a 9% increase in seven months while neither my SS benefit nor my part time wage has gone up a penny. I know there's no place that's perfect but right now it's close to 100o F and I have to keep my home thermostat set on 80 to keep my electric bill down to $150 a month. At that rate it barely keeps the indoor humidity down to a tolerable level. In the winter it's even worse; when you factor in the bone-chilling dampness of New Orleans it really makes the old bones creek. So living in the temperate Central Valley area where A/C and heat aren't needed sounds like heaven to me. I read posts about having to wash and reuse plastic bags or having to make your own yogurt to save money ... I do that now! So in a sense, I see life in Costa Rica as becoming one of the majority rather than being in the minority as I am here in the US. Most people I know are part of the "throw away" culture so prevalent here in the US. I die laughing when I see someone buy those little prepackaged containers of Jello. Like, how hard is it to boil water, stir in the powder, pour into small bowls, and chill? Just more clutter for the dump! Yeah, I look forward to joining the Tico culture where nothing is thrown away until it absolutely has no value left. I look forward to tropical breezes cooling a warm day; to butterflies and birds filling the garden; to no more "10 to 2" daily grind to supplement my finances; to learning a new culture; to feeling that warm fuzzy when communicating with someone in their native tongue rather than mine! Sure there will be challenges, torrential downpours and earthquakes; delays; different ways of conducting business - it's a "foreign" country. Quality of life is different for each of us. For me, I've decided that the quality of my life where I am is no longer satisfying. I've made my decision. I'm ready to make the change. Costa Rica is my choice, warts and all! And FredS, I hope you can find peace in your search for happiness in your golden years. dem
  5. Hi Mark. How about sharing some of those other things you had to "unlearn!" Knowing about the "ll" and being able to practice before my trip made it easier to communicate. Learning about other differences would be helpful. Thanks Darlene (BTW, off thread, but my phone worked great - gracias!)
  6. induna, your original post was unfortunately "spot on!" and your proposed question, "How Can I Best Be Ready for Costa Rica? is even more to the point. In just the seven short days I've been in this country I have had *countless* beautiful, heartwarming cultural experiences. Of course, I came here first and foremost with a love, appreciation, and respect for the people. I took the time and effort to brush up on my Spanish so I could make a genuine effort to communicate with them in *their* language. My Spanish is far from perfect and almost exclusively present tense grammar but between the limited language and a big smile and a heartfelt love for the people i am having no trouble! For me, the fact that the landscape is "paradise" is secondary to living amongst the Ticos. Within certain climatic areas, I feel certain I'll find happiness - primarily because I am looking for it in my mutual respect for the Ticos. My bottom line is this: when I started my research I read somewhere that it was said that becoming an e pat was viewed as "unpatriotic." Knowing first hand that "the ugly American" is alive and well, I vowed to move abroad with the goal of being an ambassador of good will showing my new neighbors that we are not all like that stereotype. I pray I succeed!
  7. Congrats to you both, Lucybelle! You looked beautiful and it appears to have turned out just as you planned. (Dad is beaming for his little girl, huh?) Many happy years together!
  8. Pretty tree, Lucybelle! Nice doggie and I like the "love birds" on top of the tree! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Paul, at first I thought it might be a web problem but I agree, it is isolated to our individual computers. Just perplexing! To report an update for today - my office computer is still OK, YAY!!! Now just need to tackle my lap top!
  10. Thar's exactly what I thought. I remembered that I had done an update on my laptop about the same time the justification changed. Can't say for sure on the desktop at the office cuz I log out and leave. Sometimes before shutting down it will do the updates. Besides, I use Firefox there!?! But the confusing part is that yesterday the desktop was back to normal again! We'll see which it "choses" to show me today. (I suspect there are many more experiencing the same thing; only a handful of us are actually reporting it.)
  11. Hmmmmm, very interesting! I use IE (I'm guessing that means Internet Explorer) at home on the lap top and Firefox on the desktop at the office. While the office inexplicably showed up as left justified today, I was very disappointed to come home and find that the lap top was still centering! I might bring my lap top to the office one day this week and download Firefox, using their WiFi, rather than the limited data package on my iPhone. (The lap top is tethered to the iPhone for internet access at home.) Otherwise, I'll just have to adjust ... good practice for the new life in CR, huh? Thanks for the suggestions. Darlene P.S. I'm still confused by the fact that the desktop went back to normal with no correction on my part.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback - strangest thing!?!?! I just opened up at my desktop in the office - ALL IS NORMAL AGAIN!! BTW, Paul, I had remembered that I recently HAD done an upgrade on Windows and it was about the time that everything got messed up! Whatever; it's fine now. Boy, that was weird. Hope it stays this way now. Thanks, dem
  13. Oh well, so much for that idea! I'm just glad to know it's not just me. But I do find it uncomfortable enough on the bigger monitors that my iPhone is actually easier on the eye to read.
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