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    driving questions

    Last time in Costa Rica, we took our handheld Garmin 60cs. We use this for geocaching and it paid for itself while we were driving around. YES to the GPS, it's loaded with maps and geocaches and ready to go next week.
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    What your travel agent DIDN'T tell you

    Whew ... I've just read all the posts here. I am a new member and have lots of exploring left to do on this site. My wife and I return to Costa Rica in 4 days for our second trip. It's been 4 years and I cannot wait to get there. I have gleaned some interesting information from this forum and The Real Costa Rica ... thanks to all the contributors, I really appreciate it. We will be heading for Guanacaste and look forward to touring some of the beaches, going for drives and Lizano Sauce. We both fell in love with Costa Rica on our 1st trip and look forward to returning there ....

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