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  1. The war in the Middle East is sickening as is every war. Israel has bent over backwards for more than 50 years to achieve peace and she is always met by terrorism and the murder of her citizens. Israel should annihilate her enemies this time including Hezbollah and Hamas, two terror organizations. Then they can all live in peace. A learned man said yesterday that if Israel tossed all her weapons into the sea, Israel would be burned to the ground. If Hezbollah and Hamas through their weapons into the sea peace for the entire Middle East would be the result. I don't understand thos
  2. Senor Grande, I've always thought tough love was a good thing. Your pretty good at it and it was a pleasure meeting you at the Torremolinos. As soon as we get our act together and organize our return trip I'd like to buy you a birthday beverage of your choice (or two). By the way...exactly how many candles are we talking about here? Happy birthday from the Quinns, Michael and Patrice
  3. Greetings, We will be arriving in about 2 weeks for our first reconissance trip and we are looking to see what we can rent for the long term at the beach, Pacific side. Our plan when we arrive is to drive as much of the Pacific side as we can in a week and try to get a feel for where we want to live. We can then focus on finding something in that more speicfic area. We are open if someone has a suggestion. We are on a medium budget and would really get excited if our accomodations included a pool and internet. Thanks for any help. Michael Quinn
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