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    Riteve questions

    Wow, interesting responses. Thanks everyone. The car is with my daughter in CR and I am not there now but will have her check the sticker on the windshield and see what month that says. I will check back in with any more info for figuring this out.
  2. Apologies if this topic has already been covered. We imported a car that was registered in CR in February. The last number on the plates is 8. Am I correct that this means we have to update the Riteve (inspection) in August this year? Wondering, does the Reteve have to be redone by the first of the designated month or the last? What happens if you get stopped with an expired Reteve? Any tips for getting the Reteve renewed? i was told that there is but one Taller (shop) that can do Reteves in our closest location of Nicoya, and that there are car repair people waiting stand-by to do the repairs needed to pass the inspection. Thanks.
  3. We are hoping to build a nice, modest, Tico style house under 1500 sq ft. Does anyone know if there are any stock house plans we could buy and work off of? We haven't had much luck going to architects as they are more high end and extravagent in their ideas then we are.

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