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  1. from the american bar association http://www.americanbar.org/newsletter/publications/law_trends_news_practice_area_e_newsletter_home/family_starks.html
  2. lucybelle, generally, it would be hard to enforce a prenup in the states. not wholly impossible, but very difficult and it would vary depending on the jurisdiction/state. if your plan is to eventually come back to the US, and you know what State you'll be returning to, i would contact that state's bar association and they would be able to refer you to a legal aid clinic that could help you with that pro bono. i have not really practiced family law (not a fun area of law) but if you PM me, i might be able to put you in contact with the right people. good luck and you will not get the holier than thou lecture from me. you're being careful and smart. nothing wrong with that.
  3. so glad i can finally answer a question! lucybelle. i am an attorney in the US and do some traffic stuff. basically, you will be able to use your CR driver's license. and if you have the international drivers permit, i would have that on hand as well. so that, if you were to be stopped (let's hope you're not) the officer would be able to at least read the IDP, which i think is written in many languages. they might not understand the CR driver's license, if it is written in spanish. what i would be more concerned about is making sure you are covered under your mom's insurance. depending on the state, laws have changed where driving without any insurance comes with a lot more than just paying a fine. for most states, you only have to have that particular state's driver's license only of you plan on becoming a resident of that state. and depending on the state, you have 30 to 90 days to get the new driver's license. sorry for the incomplete sentences good luck and have a safe trip! if you have any more questions, PM me.
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