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  1. Hi

    I agree that there is not 1 shred of fact in the conspiracy theory that China made this virus.

    If they did, then did they make all of the previous Viruses that have been spawned in China?

    Something must be done about china though, more strong sanctions from EVERY country in the world, only to be lifted when China can demonstate that they have stopped all the live torture and slaughter of dogs, cats, bats and who knows what else, in open markets.





  2. Tom and Marcia. We here are not working in a vacuum, we have talked to many lawyers, city officials, etc. I know I do not own the land, I am not stupid,

    but the fact that I do not own the land is 'irrelevant' if the squatter is building a structure that does not adhere to their codes, that is why they could still make him take it down.


    I have heard the excuse of 'physical retribution' before, and I am not a fan of it.  Many many folks, expats as well as ticos, are not happy with this squatter and we are not going

    hide because someone who is taking property that does not belong to them is pissed off. I am also not a fan of "It's better to rent"   I've been hearing that for 5 years.

    I came here wanting to buy, to enjoy working on MY property, and having an asset to leave my heir.

    but thanks for the comments

    If I could do it all over again, I would make sure that I knew who owned the vacant land below me, and if I could contact the owner, if the taxes are paid, and how much is it?


  3. Derrick/  I David,

    about the comment about 'paid squatters' ?  I was confused by that too,

    but....lol, we here have a guy who cleans up all the gringo's yards and he has used theisquatters lot for a few years for planting. We think that he is in bed with the squatter, maybe even paying him to build something on it, so that the gardener would get the property.

    paranoid, I know, but our situation is very fishy.

    as suggested abovce

    we already have an inspection team from the muni coming to check the property.

    a Denuncia  has been filed.

    apparently, the owner of the property was murdered in 2017 in San Jose.

    He has 3 kids, the oldest is 8 or 10 yrs.

    we are looking for his lawyer who handled the estate or whatever.

    today the squatter planed some trees that in a couple years could block my view from the deck, which is why I got the place.

    this is scary for me.

    If I lost my vista, I would sell.


    Oh, Derrick, thanks for the link on paid squatters

    I saw that after I wrote this post



  4. thanks

    I read all that, and I realize that because the squatter is not on MY land, makes it difficult to do anything. Please realize, that until you have been in this postition?  I am not the only one in the Bario ticked off about this. What makes it hard is that the owner is dead, and we are having trouble finding his heirs. The taxes have not been paid for 4 years.

    We want this guy gone.

    We wish we could buy the land ourselves.

    We do nt have an 'inspection committe' in our barrio,

    hey.  we have sat with the mayor of Puriscal..



    we are talking to building inspectors and searching for the contacts of the heirs of the estate.

    will keep you posted.

  5. thanks

    we know we have to act fast.

    but we have been working everyday. we've been everywhere. we are trying to find out the name of the heirs to the owners estate. Only the owner can have the police remove the squatter. We are now going to the building inspector. We have talked to lawyers also.

    as to 'improvements to the property?'

    maybe I was not clear..

    , the trees were on MY property. so how could cutting those down be an improvement to the property the squatter is on?  that makes no sense.

    and I am filing a report on the tree cutting on monday, cannot do it tomorrow as it has to be done through Fiscalia (Lower Court)







  6. last night I noticed that far down in the corner of my lot, ?  The squatter cut down a few large trees, that were a dividing line between my property and the land the sqautter is on.

    now I have lost some trees and my privacy. I cannot prove they were on my propertty but they still were an obvious divider, and if not on my land, it would be inches within at least.

    He can now see up into my bedroom.

    I bought my home because of the view and the privacy.

    Today he has a friend over and is building more.

    very frustrating.

    I'm filing a police report about the trees monday,

    but that will not get him off the property.

    that sure is not fair.

    oops, I see I said some of this already in an earlier post,

    another gringo here said he is getting a Muni building inspector to come over and give him a hard time.





  7. thanks,  yesterday the squatter cut down some big trees that were a diveider between the 2 properties. I am ticked. Myself and others have gone to the Muni, the police, health dept. everywhere.  No luck,  We finally went to the mayor, he made an exception and told us the name of the owner , but he died, but we now have the name and email of the heirs and the lawyer of the estate. I hope we can contact them.


  8. Hi

    I have a squatter (precarista) issue.

    there is a vacant lot below me, and its been abandoned for years. The guy who does gardening for gringos in out Bario, tore down part of the brick wall years ago.

    Now he plants squash on the property. Now a couple weeks ago, a squatter moved in a built a bad word shack. It looks like hell and can be seen from my house. It will make it harder to sell my home and lowers its price. I'm worried that other squatters will move in and make a shanty town out of it. The noise level here has gone up and its not "Pura Vida' any more....

    It has no utilities, he is expanding and has a family.

    Many of us in the barrio have gone to the Muni, and done other things, but we cannot find out who the owner is.

    THe land has been owned by many in the past, now it seems to be owned by a corporation that is listed in the registry as Anonymous.

    The Muni will not give us any more info other than the corp. name and finca no.


    We are all very ticked, we did not pay 6 figures for our homes just to have the view and value ruined by a squatter. Why should they get free land around us?

    The locals here seem not to care, just us Canucks and Gringos.

    Even the lawyer who sold me my house says he does n ot know who owns the property. I think he is in on the scam, LOL

    any advice?

    cause after 3 months, its almost impossible, even the owner would need to take him to court.




  9. well this is interesting...


    now after I paid the last of my back taxes,

    I can see a normal page in the national registry site on my account


    but it says the following, which makes no sense in google translate..

    if you k ow, please let me know, it looks like I have no periods pending to pay, and the corporation was dissolved?




    here it is:




  10. AWWWK!


    re: corporations:


    as I mentioned before, I had a 20 year old corporation in costa rica

    it had no books, no assets and no associated business


    I did not know there were new taxes, as of a new law in 2012 or so


    when I went on line to the national registry, I could login and click on

    Impuerto Juridicas ,



    (sorry about spelling) and it would tell me all the years of taxes and what I owed.


    4 years, from 2012-2015 inclusive.


    In the last 8 months, I have paid 3 of those years, almost 900.00


    I only had 2015 left to pay


    But...when I logged in today, it no longer shows any information for me


    it told me this:



    Delinquency Public Inquiry

    Law No. 9024 Tax on Legal Entities

    The class of legal person indicated is not subject to collection.

    Important Notice: The Bank of Costa Rica was authorized to pay delinquent periods individually, in order of seniority.



    does anyone know what this may mean?


    I emailed my lawyer, but he does not always respond to email questions


    I am going to BCR today and ask if they know,




  11. My current lawyer would have to create the books because I do not have them


    He is not the same lawyer who started my corporation back in the 90's


    I have copies of all the papers, and those things that look like Postage stamps on a page


    but I do not remember any books.


    I cannot find the original lawyer


    so I will have to get my current lawyer to do them



  12. Hi


    I was soon going to start paying my back taxes on my old old old corp[oration , so I can dissolve it afterwards.




    1. have they re-instituterd the tax already?


    the reason I ask is when I go login to the registry at my corporation


    it shows back taxes owing of about 550,000 Colones


    for 4 years, 2012-2015


    I thought that people only had to pay for 3 years


    maybe I am confused


    2. I know now how to pay my CAJA online using my banco nacional online account


    can I pay corporate taxes on line too?


    what buttons would I click on after I log in?







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