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  1. yes. my lawyer said that in the last month. Costa Rica has been dissolving alot of old corporations mine is dissolved and paid up dennis
  2. I think I found a translation, when I did it word by word it says: business name: Dreamscape anonymous company no periods pending this estate dissolved by law 9024, up to date i guess that means I am paid up and they already dissolved my corporation and I dont have to pay to have it dissolved myself? thanks again
  3. well this is interesting... now after I paid the last of my back taxes, I can see a normal page in the national registry site on my account but it says the following, which makes no sense in google translate.. if you k ow, please let me know, it looks like I have no periods pending to pay, and the corporation was dissolved? thanks Dennis here it is: ----------------- RAZON SOCIAL SUEÑOS DE ESCAPE SOCIEDAD ANONIMA PERIODOS PENDIENTES 0 ESTADO DISUELTA POR LEY 9024 A ESTE MOMENTO LA ENTIDAD SE ENCUENTRA AL DIA
  4. yes but still have some hurdles in wiring cash here from Canada, choosing the right bank, etc. it will work out in the end
  5. Solved. maybe Just got back from BCR they said that the national registry site is undergoing upgrades and maybe that is why i got that message. BCR was able to see my account properly on their screen and i paid my last year of back taxes. now i know that the co rporation tax police are not looking for me. lol
  6. AWWWK! re: corporations: as I mentioned before, I had a 20 year old corporation in costa rica it had no books, no assets and no associated business I did not know there were new taxes, as of a new law in 2012 or so when I went on line to the national registry, I could login and click on Impuerto Juridicas , (sorry about spelling) and it would tell me all the years of taxes and what I owed. 4 years, from 2012-2015 inclusive. In the last 8 months, I have paid 3 of those years, almost 900.00 I only had 2015 left to pay But...when I logged in today, it no longer shows any information for me it told me this: ________________ Delinquency Public Inquiry Info.. Law No. 9024 Tax on Legal Entities The class of legal person indicated is not subject to collection. Important Notice: The Bank of Costa Rica was authorized to pay delinquent periods individually, in order of seniority. --------------------------- does anyone know what this may mean? I emailed my lawyer, but he does not always respond to email questions I am going to BCR today and ask if they know, thanks Dennis
  7. you misunderstood I have not bought a car I do not own a car I am going to buy a car in my name will I be able to register it even though I have back taxes on a corporation do they connect the dots? thanks
  8. corporation back taxes and registering a car 1. I have paid 2 put of the 4 years I have in back taxes 2. would I be prevented from registering a car in my private name (not my corporation name) if I have not paid the back taxes? thanks
  9. thanks buying is better , but the darn Loonie is so low right now
  10. Has anyone out there built a home here in CR rather than buy a home? -did you save a lot of money by building? -do you have the name of a reputable contractor? thanks Dennis
  11. My current lawyer would have to create the books because I do not have them He is not the same lawyer who started my corporation back in the 90's I have copies of all the papers, and those things that look like Postage stamps on a page but I do not remember any books. I cannot find the original lawyer so I will have to get my current lawyer to do them d
  12. thanks I guess I will just go to BCR to pay the back taxes and then have my lawyer dissove it after that cause he has to re create the books, which do not exist dennis
  13. Hi I was soon going to start paying my back taxes on my old old old corp[oration , so I can dissolve it afterwards. but 1. have they re-instituterd the tax already? the reason I ask is when I go login to the registry at my corporation it shows back taxes owing of about 550,000 Colones for 4 years, 2012-2015 I thought that people only had to pay for 3 years maybe I am confused 2. I know now how to pay my CAJA online using my banco nacional online account can I pay corporate taxes on line too? what buttons would I click on after I log in? thanks Dennis
  14. Paul, this was in dollars -CostaRicaFinca, if the law is soon to be reinstated? then I will just have to make sure I dissolve it withing the next year, so that I do not accumulate more taxes Dennis
  15. thanks the pdf was helpful, more than the video, cause I printed it out and followed it yes, my corp[oration says its still registered and there 'is' another place to chack, I did not see it my lawyer just emailed me a screen capture, and it showed me a summary of all my back taxes from 2011, to 2015 I have to pay about 1000.00 to be able to dissolve the corporation, which I will do I also have to pay 200.00 to file a letter to get my corporate books (whatever those are) before I file a dissolution form. I have lots of time, I can't afford it right now, but at least I know that I won't be charged anymore taxes after 2015 after the new laws came into effect. thanks Dennis
  16. I checked the registry it said that I was registerd, that's all: SUEÑOS DE ESCAPE SOCIEDAD ANONIMA INSCRITA I did not see any way to check if I had back taxes, whatever Dennis PS: I found this article: http://www.ticotimes.net/2015/01/29/tax-on-costa-rica-corporations-is-unconstitutional-says-court
  17. thanks I am confused where do you want me to seach for 'no taxes paid for a long time" corporation?' here in this forum? 2. are you saying that I cannot dissolve my corporation? or maybe not just by myself my lawyer said that he can dissolve it for a fee, but I would have to pay the back taxes thanks I will look at this document there is a video on youtube on how to look at the registry also I will be buying real; estate in the future as a private person, as long as this old corporation does not hinder that I will gladly pay the fees and dissolve it thanks dennis
  18. I think that it would be prudent to have my attorney dissolve it. yes, you are right I thought maybe I could avoid the back taxes, but I have to pay them before I can dissolve it. I may look up my corp on CR registry website and see what it says thxs
  19. Has anyone ever had an old corporation years ago and let it alone for years? I had a corporation more than a decade ago. I never used it. I I did not know that now you pay taxes on it. Years ago. you did not have to. Mine is 3 years in the rears. I never was given minutes or books or whatever you are supposed to have on it. Now I am worried thyat if I ever but real estate in CR, there may be ab issue. My lawyer told me that after 3 years the CR govt. will dissolve the corp automatically but its still in question what will happen. I am inclined to pay the 3 years of tax and then dissolve it formally any ideas on this? thanks
  20. thanks for all the comments I also expect the dollar to get worse, and I also know it will rebound the question is 'when' I may not have the time to wait The idea that I can swing a price by 40 K makes me feel better\\or I cvan save by building, but if i go that route, i will check many references, and be opn the site every few days Dennis
  21. thanks I don't think I can negotiate my way out of 40,000 but i can try the dollar is so depressing to me its been in the 90-100 range forever they say it maybe go the 70-79 cent range and rebound back to 85 cents by the end of 2015 or 2016 many different stories i will find a way thxs dennis
  22. thanks I have heard all the rent advise before, and I always seem to get people trying to preach about renting to me rather than answering the question. Thanks, you did. I want to buy, not rent, Period. Anyway, I will buy, it just seems so scary that the dollar is falling more and more. thanks Dennis
  23. Hi Maybe someone has gone through this many years ago. I plan to move in late 2015 to Costa Rica. I only have so much Canadian money to convert to US and the worry I have now is that my plans may be dashed because the Canadian dollar that was 96 cents when I started this plan, is not almost 80 cents Its ridiculus I have no faith in this nCanadianj currency at all when i plan to spend 200 K US, I now have 49 K less to spend because of the exchange. I heard that if I build a house rather than buy one, I can save 30% that would offset what I lose on the exchange\ or..i can just wait a year (maybe) for the dollar to go back up any experience out there on this? thanks Dennis
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