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  1. doppelt

    cedula renewal

    jamesofomaha yes, I think BCR is requiring more than what migracion requires. BCR wants proof that at least 1000.00 is going into a Costa Rican bank this is a bank policy, not a law ARCR is going to BCR with me to renew mine it is 60.00 for their help 25.00 to translate my proof of pension document, 50.00 more to get a missing signature on my statement on a document and BCR charges 123.00 for the ceduka
  2. doppelt

    television or online tv

    Warning I would not use putlockers..... I was using it, and it seemed safe, just had to close the redireced windows but now, I got a virus, and firefox would always get me an attack notice from Norton. No way could I get rid if it. I had to reinstal firefox
  3. doppelt

    cedula renewal

    As Induna has said before , it is not required to prove that you have deposited 1000 a month into a tico bank, in order to renew. I think this is only a policy of BCR and maybe correo, but if you go to a migracion office, I don't think it is required. I don't know if migracion still requires a new proof of income statement., I am renewing mine next month at BCR, and I have all docs. but in a year when I apply for permanent, I am going to migacion, I will be interested in what migracion requires from me to change my status to permanent.
  4. doppelt

    Empty Corporations

    I dont think this is correct. I had an old corporation, mabe 20 years old. When I started it, there were no corporate taxes, and then I found recently that there are now taxes. My corp had no businesses, assets or minutes. I paid all 4 years of back taxes a year and a half ago, and now I finf that I wasted my money because there was a law passed that states that if the corpration sits too long, it will be dissolved automatically, with no taxes owing. maybe I am wrong, but I would ask a lawyer Dennis
  5. doppelt

    cedula renewal

    here is what I have to go through for authenticating Canadian documents in the past, and in the future, which is a pain, since my pension is for life and does not change. I get a friend in Canada to help with this: 1. I have to get a pension statement form my pension provider. 2. I have to get it notarized by a notary. 3. then it is sent to Global Affairs in Ottawa, for the government to authenticate it. 4. They then send it to the Costa Rican Embassy in Ottawa, to be apostilled. 5. then it is mailed back to my friend, and he sends it fedex to me. (so far, this has costed me around 200.00) 6. After I get it in Costa Rica, I have to get one more signature on it from 'someone' here, and costs me another 50.00, plus 25.00 for official translation this is why I was hoping I did not have to do this again. I have done it 3 times already twice for residency and once for a mortgage.
  6. doppelt

    cedula renewal

    I have an appointment to renew my temp cedula for the first time next month. I have all the documents, and ARCR told me that as soon as I get the new renewed cedula, I can start the process of appliying for permanent residency. I have had conflicting stories, though, as to what documents I need to change to permanent. One person told me that its easy, and I do not need a new income statement another p[erson says the opposite. anyone know what I need to change to permanent? thanls
  7. doppelt

    Preferred courier company

    Yres, I agreek, I use EMS, its expensive but it has tracking and gets there within a few days
  8. doppelt

    television or online tv

    thanks eleanor2, I tried the 'pause' trick on my slower pcs and it worked. I also used a website that checks the security of streaming video sites and the putlockers site showed up clean. just a few other pop up pages come up but just close them as was said ealier
  9. doppelt

    paying bills BCR

    that is what I tried but it did not work, but then I forgot it was on a holiday maybe I will try again later. I hope I can save the payment to favorites? thanks
  10. Hi 1. I got all my transfers from canada, the last one I got today, Easter Sunday so I guess the system work on holidays, just are delayed. BCR was delayed 1 day Banco Nacional was delayed 4 days 2. When transfering money using BCR to a SINPE account at another Costa Rican Bank, it happens in 10 minutes. its the international transfers that take longer I find.
  11. I received my BCR cash (small) today (mr 31) so BCR still operates during the holiday but I never got Banco Nacional cash (1000.00) yet, and its been 4 days. so that bank is slow.
  12. my bank does not show that, and I dought it would be accurate anyway. It usually takes 1 or 2 days to get my money, its been 4 days I don't see how electrons going between bank to bank should be affected by holy week. makes no sense to me.. do they pull the plug?
  13. doppelt

    paying bills BCR

    and I have more worries than paying CAJA My monthly bank transfer of all my money to 2 banks here has not shown up in my bank here yet I did not think that holy week included electroninc transfers? LOL
  14. doppelt

    paying bills BCR

    Hi thanks but... when i choose those options, it by dfailt, puts a 7 in the first box, the second box is empty and the 3rd box has 998 I cannot put in 18 digits which is what I do for banco nacional (I use 70 (Caja no, 10 digits) and 998001) Dennis
  15. thanks I did not think that would apply to electroninc banking in the past, I have transfered my money on a friday, and receioved it on a sunday.

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