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  1. Hi Tico Grande, Well at least I know that I am not imagining things! Thanks, I will post in the suggested category. Isabel
  2. OOPS Sorry! I just found the form and voted. It seems to me that I saw an article in The Tico Times years ago about a bead society. I have looked at your calender to see if they are on it ever ( that is if they exist or not ! ). Which brings me to the next question do you know if there is a bead society there? Thanks for all your good work. I look forward tomeeting you in Costa Rica. Isabel
  3. Hi, I could not find a form to use so I am guessing we answer this way. I have looked at the calender and do look periodically. As our departure date approaches I will check it often as part of preparing for the trip. But as we don't currently live there I use it only to glean a little insight about life there. Thanks, Isabel
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