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  1. Yeah rodo, I love the part about no military to go around acting like the police force of the world.
  2. Good points Lucybelle, RP hasn't said anything racist. Many people throughout the years were contributors to his news letters. And a few times some people said things that are offensive, however when they were brought to RP's attention he was mortified that anybody associated with him would advance ugly material. I'm sure that many people that contribute money to RP's campaign are racist. I'm equally sure that many people contributing money to Romney's campaign are racist, but how are you going to vet all that. Gayle would you post a link of material that RP wrote with his pen that is mean or hateful, racist etc.? Lucybelle is correct. RP has advanced no racist legislation, and he wouldn't allow religion to influence how he governs. None of the other candidates can say that.
  3. Hey Ed, thanks for your comments. Yes I think that you should be able to be a flag carrying member. Sorry that the navy didn't see your value. The problem here is that both parties are advancing the same basic agenda. It doesn't matter anymore which parties in office we get more national debt, a growing decide between the financial classes and senseless wars. None of which is sustainable. Ron Paul would be the game changer. Radical, many are concerned, yes. But radical times require radical measures. If our social and foriegn policy problems are going to really be addressed, it IS going to hurt, at least for awhile. Until then both parties are maintaining tha status quo.
  4. If 50 is young sure. Hopeful that things will change, not so much which is why CR is on my radar screen. Unfortunately too many people pay too little attention to what really is happening Ed. Take for example all the saber rattling at Iran and all the subsequent fearmongering over nuclear weapons despite the fact that all 16 of the nations intelligence agencies concure that Iran has not even decided to build one. And Iran insists that their nuclear program is for domestic energy purposes. Just a google of the US position on Iranian nuclear program for the truth. Oh, and concerning youth. The majority of Ron Paul's support is under 30. And when you engage them in conversation you find that they are far less likely to be racist, homophobic, bigots and warmongers as compared to the average seniors of the day, particularly evangelicals!
  5. Politics is by no means a game to be played. Likewise, dispare should not drive one to place them on the shelf. Socrates rightly pointed out that those who refuse to involve themselves in politics are destined to be ruled by their inferiors. And Benjamin Franklin told us that the highest form of patriotism is descent. Dispare is NOT an option!
  6. Yes and corporations are the new countries ( Time magazine ). No fan of corporate personhood here. As for the patriot act and the illegal wiretapping and other undesirable activities that accompany it, same thing. Ron Paul!!
  7. Yeah costaricafinca, I know your correct on that. Roundup is sprayed on GMO crops that have an engineered resistance to it and only the weeds around it perish, and I know that one can't escape all the ills of the world in CR. but I am glad that Monsanto left and certainly hope that CR joins the growing list of other responsible countries in banning all GMO's
  8. I was glad to learn that CR ran Monsanto out of the country. Hopefully more countries will give them a unfriendly atmosphere in which to do business as well. The US food supply is almost exclusively GMO products. We order food on line from other countries, but obviously that won't work for produce, which our garden cannot produce year round. As far as I can tell CR does grow GMO cotton, so if cotton seed oil is produced it would be contaminated. But they may export the whole product. IBS and pancreatic cancer is just a couple GMO related problems. another thing on the positive side of the scales for CR!
  9. Istanbul was originally Constantinople and a great place to visit as well as a place to retire and live economically speaking, but geographically much to close to places that the US likes to bomb lately.
  10. The judge has been pointing out the very real problems in the US. His program on FOX news has been canceled as a result. Many people are leaving the US because of the realization that the ship is sinking, that it is listing starboard. Makes for very good reasons to make home in CR The judge is also an advocate of the Ron Paul candidacy which gaines him no favor with Rupert Murdoch. Or any other FOX pundits who don't want the status que threatened. Ron Paul is the game changer which they consider to be no bueno.
  11. Additionally Ron Paul would close most of the 100 or so military bases around the world and cut the Pentagon budget reducing the military to a truly defensive posture. Since WW2 it has been offensive. President Eisenhauer warned in his fair well address 1960 to beware of the military industrial complex. Assuming the position of policing the planet, which is what the US has done building police stations ( military bases) all around the world, exploiting poorer nations natural resources and labor forces, propping up dictators when they follow orders and removing them when they don't, etc. etc. all add to and fuel the hatred for the US and inspire groups to commit more terrorist attacks. Ron Paul understands this. Any military action against any country requires UN authorization which can only come from a consensus among the seven permanent members of the security council. George Bush didn't get a consensus and told the UN to get beside us or get behind us. All the neo-cons think that's cool tuff talk. But the President of France said " ....if the United States attacks Iraq without a consensus that will be a victory for the law that says he who has the biggest muscle rules" And he was correct. Ron Paul is the only Republican that understands that. He wants to pursue a more humble foriegn policy as you mentioned ncdad1. And this is one of the appealing things to me about CR. there is no military. That distraction and expense doesn't exist and CR doesn't have a bunch of pissed off foreigners trying to blow up airplanes and buildings.
  12. Very nice newman, will listen for that advice. I didn't understand your point costaricafinca.
  13. I agree with your second point and consider it to be spot on eleanorcr, as to the first, Ed says he works in the ER and DV is on the rise. So not just more reporting.
  14. I too am soarly disappointed in Obama and agree with everything else that you said, but we better keep this over at the OF
  15. Thank you DanaJ, I concure with all that you said. And ncdad1 I felt that way about Ron Paul for awhile to and came to the same conclusion that you have. Ron Paul's domestic agenda is the somewhat radical one of concern but I personally could live with it just to have his foriegn policy which I consider to be stellar. Also ncdad1 you stated that dictatorships are more efficient. But do you remember what George Bush said about that. This job would be a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, so long as I'm the dictator". Dictatorships are only good for dictators. He wanted to be the "decider" too.
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