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  1. I'm hooked on these raw! Why cook them just wait until there soft and juicy and be prepared to be hooked!
  2. Wow down to the wire

  3. Almost done work!

  4. AGREED! I built a house in Canada that was estimated and costed out to be $75-80/ft, final price $114/ft, I reviewed everything and we were on budget all the way, the differences came from unforseen expenses, when ever your building always allow 30% for variance, I was told this in advance, took the advice even though I didnt think I would need it and used it all.
  5. June 28th here we come Costa Rica

  6. Good advice Paul, I had thought that way too, we just sold our house in canada and the thought of leaving it to people who we don't know would of scared the heck out of me, when we first arrive in CR we will look for temp housing and start mixing with people and see what comes up, I guess attending ARCR seminar and lunches will be a good starting point to say hello and introduce ourselves. It's not something that we need to do, just exploring the idea and if an opportunity comes up that works for both sides then great.
  7. Hey all We have been thinking about the idea of house sitting, any advice on where we can find an opportunity. We do have the dog so I know that will cut out a large number of the chances but thought I would look in to it anyway, we would be willing to leave a security deposit for damage from our beloved baby (she won't damage anything other than any uninvited guests) Any advise is always appreciated or if you have such an opportunity please pm us. Thanks
  8. Ahhh getting close less than 2 months

  9. Hey Lucy sounds like you should start a "drinking tour" for newbie's
  10. I tried the Clos and liked it, and cheap! I drank the red and my wife the white, she also liked it
  11. Maybe this will help http://cathyperthyroidism.org/2009/10/30/alternative-treatments-for-feline-hyperthyroidism/ I understand the love for a pet good luck
  12. Sounds like a question that your lawyer should answer, if you have already paid one just go to the source
  13. Keep in mind that sugar contributes to obesity way more than fats, if you want to loose weight cut out refined sugar (which all beer contains) and eliminate as many saturated fats as possible Just my 2cents
  14. Ok I have seen many month to month options on various real estate sites, we are looking at something simple for the first month that is centrally located while we take our time to explore our options, if I am only committing for one month is negotiating still ok? Thanks
  15. Hello all Is it the norm to negotiate the rental prices on properties or will I just look like a problem tenant as stated in other posts Thanks again
  16. Learning Spanish Rosetta stone style!

  17. gotta get out of the rat race soon!!

  18. Thank you we are going to rent first probably for a year just doing homework
  19. Hi I have been trying to find out what it will cost to build in CR, I do understand how costs vary, we are looking to build a 80-90 sq mtr tico style home Any info Thanks
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