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  1. Ruffriders

    Looking for a ride

    Just need proof of vaccinations stamped by the pan embassy
  2. Hey everyone My wife and I are heading down to bocas for a few months and need to get to sixaola with 4 suitcases and our dog Can anyone recommend a way to get there? I have checked the shuttle companies but they won't take dogs Any ideas? Anyone want to make a few bucks?
  3. You have to get a vet clearance certificate and register the deportation with cr, the vet handles it, not difficult
  4. I was driving on the highway between the airport and San Jose about two weeks ago at 4am and they closed the highway for maintenance, my problem with this was they had no signs, no lights no cones, just 5 barriers closing the highway, no warning at all, I had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting it. I was again driving on the same highway on Tuesday at around the same time and this time they had it closed in the other direction but I saw lights ahead flashing, so I thought at least this time the have a warning. Well when I got the the point with the flashing lights I saw a Hyundai that had slammed into one of the barriers (heavy probably filled with sand or water) the SUV was totalled, I hope these people were ok. I do understand things are different here but this seems a little much, just a few cones closing lanes one at a time. I guess it's pura vida at its finest
  5. It's right across from the Pali not sure exactly but the Pali has a fenced parking lot, sorry I'm not clearer hope this helps
  6. There is a vet in quepos, not sure of the name but she is very nice and helped us one time, she is located on the mail road
  7. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    Money talks!
  8. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    Boat taxi is no problem, we asked the land taxi and they said no, but as soon as we told them that we will pay extra for taking the dog it was an immediate yes from all 4 drivers that we asked
  9. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    Just crossing, jumping in a cab and heading to bocas, and my dog will look after herself, a 120lb mastiff!
  10. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    We are in Canada right now, will be returning to CR next week, just trying to get some answers in advance as the net has nothing clear for people crossing by foot with a pet.
  11. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    I didn't say I was taking a vehicle??
  12. Ruffriders

    Traveling to panama

    Whoops - spellcheck
  13. Hey all Has anyone traveled to Panama (we're going through Sexton) with their dog? We may be going down for a few months. Is it as simple as getting a vet travel certificate and proof of rabies? Any input would be appreciated.
  14. Ruffriders

    Property managment

    Ok thanks for the input but that doesn't really answer my question

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