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  1. My wife can NEVER READ THIS!! Oh man.... The day she does, I'll never leave this place.
  2. diceallion

    drive down with Honda Pilot

    It's funny, cause I drive for my career, and I am passionate about free flow driving. I was made to be on the road, but this journey, as adventurous as I am, I would not do. And I my self have heard if many people saying thy will do it, and never heard the end result. Funny, I found a YouTube video the other day of two young guys that started the drive from the USA... Saw them cross the Mexico border, then the next one.... And from there, there was no more video... dunno the end result.
  3. Hmmm, I wonder if they can contribute some of the value towards CAJA, this way the monthly cost could go down.
  4. $442 a month!!!!!!????? Per person or for the whole family? Wow, that's expensive. You know... Reading this is equivalent to me riding a bike and you just threw a stick in my wheel. Why??? WHY??? I'm not a bad guy... I work hard, I pay my taxes, and all I want is to leave North America for once and for all. And yes... I am buying my lotto tickets, weekly... I'm flattered that you remembered lol.
  5. Expediente # God knows when Approval - sometime in my future of this life. Lol, I'm sorry, I had to, I love this thread. Been following it... Ahhhhhh I can't wait... And hello everyone, yup, I'm still wishing and saving money... I'm now 3% closer to my deposit!!! I read weekly but have not had much to say. Have a great day. -pura vida-
  6. Man, this is officially my favorite thread.... Ventura, your my idol man!!!
  7. diceallion


    I'm running it on my iPhone 5, however now a few days have passed. I find this new OS a battery life sucker. Apart from that, I'm still enjoying it.
  8. diceallion


    Done it last night, I spent the most part of today enjoying the "new look". I gotta admit, I'm actually impressed. I love the new "preview" multi task function. I love how the app icons look holographic when tilting your phone in different directions. The swipe up feature is by far long over due and a great addition to important quick need functions... I'm happy.
  9. diceallion

    Made the move

    Congrats on your move and "new beginning". Enjoy life and take it all in one day at a time. Keep the updates coming as people like me "future residents" learn a lot from the experienced movers.
  10. diceallion

    fed ex in costa rica

    FedEx in general is expensive for international deliveries, not only weight is considered but also the Dim weight is taken into consideration... (Meaning the space it takes up on a plane) even if it weighs 2 lbs but the box is like 30x60x12 it will get charged as a 30lbs box... I too have 75% discount at FedEx, worked there for 5 years and my wife still works there.
  11. diceallion

    Flu shots

    Now I'll add this to my comment.... Never speak of the in laws... They always win!!! lol, Thank you all for your support. I really like this place as it is now the closest place I can get to C.R. Until my goals are achieved. I'm on this forum much more then I make comments and appreciate the wealth of information and different views and experiences of each individual. I would be foolish to ever offend anyone in public talk for no just cause and loose my participating rights. Thank you, Your future gringo Arie Pura Vida
  12. I am unhappy about getting a warning!!!

  13. diceallion

    Flu shots

    Very interesting. Thank you all.... Once again the drama queen has not failed to amuse me!!!!

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