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  1. Testing... been weeks
  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE.... lol, please next time... GoPro the trip. Make a series per country...
  3. They did not make it... Im just a travel story junky, I actually had my hopes up thinking he / she would come on and say... YEAH!!!! Video recorded the whole trip heres the link!!! lol, wishful thinking!
  4. So 9 years later... OP, have you done your drive? I would love to hear the story. Nothing more.
  5. Alright ladies and gentlemen let the planning begin. I originally anticipated to pay anywhere from $2100 to $2500 for our family of 4 airfare. Return flights obviously. So I have been shopping for tickets the past 4 weeks or so and I finally pulled the trigger this morning. Jan. 30 9:30pm landing in Liberia and departing March 6th... $1650 tax incl....at this price I have now decided to rent a car during our stay. It will still be cheaper then my anticipated cost of the airfare with both costs together.
  6. I know it's not much info so far, but we did finally decide on something. We're planning on landing in Liberia and visiting the west coast working are way south. Like I said it's nothing, but it's a starting point to start building a trip. So places of interest... - Guanacaste - Monteverde - Playa Hermosa - Tamarindo - Montezuma - Samara - Punta Arenas - Jaco I'm just throwing some names out.
  7. The answer is in!!! So our initial request was refused... Apparently I'm too important to loose for 60 days... my boss told me to keep dreaming if I ever thought he would allow me to leave for 2 months.. anyway that's a whole story on its own. Anyway.... However, corporate management over rules his decision and they granted me 5 weeks..... IM COMING TO COSTA RICA AFTER 5 YEARS OF TALKING DREAMING OF THIS..... FEBRUARY 1st TO March 9th 2018... YOUPIIII!!!! I'm so anxious, scared and stressed. Now I feel like I know nothing... I gotta plan this for me my wife and 2 daughters.....
  8. Sabbatical Leave request submitted!!! Now the waiting for approval.
  9. Well, my wife and I advised our bosses today that they will be receiving a letter in regards to our sabbatical leave request. We will be handing it in on March 6th just before we start the vacation picks for the new fiscal year. So Ill be writing my letter over the next few days... Then we wait for the approval. OMG!!!
  10. Ok.... so it's serious now. The 2 month visit has become a supper discussion with the children involved. So starting next month, I want to start planning this properly as my wife and I will have to submit our sabbatical leave request no later then mid April. Now I feel like I know nothing... we need to figure out which are the best 2 months to visit, and we need to speak with our children's schools to see what our options are for home schooling during the 2 months we visit Costa Rica. It's real now.... This is happening.
  11. Just a reminder people, I did say we're taking a sabbatical for only 3 months. I understand everything you all say, but these at the moment do not apply to me. However, were not going to live on a resort for 3 months were going to live simple and disconnected for 3 months. Well, hopefully!
  12. Ok, I have a little more time to type, I wanted to include this in my message yesterday, but I was limited in time. So Here's the plan. If all goes well, and I clear this last debt (All but mortgage) My wife and I agreed to both take a sabbatical from work Next January to March and take our first trip ever to Costa Rica. We both work at FedEx and our company policy allows employees to take up to 6 months of sabbatical. We are a family of 4, we have 2 daughters, by that time the girls will be 14 and 11. We are planning on attempting to live with and like the locals nothing fancy, but we do not wanna live in a shack also. Yes it will be a sort of vacation, but not the resort all inclusive type. We want to rent a home, do our groceries and cook our own meals. Walk to markets and enjoy life. We really want to get a good feeling of what it is like to be there. To learn and understand the culture, and really find out if it is something we can really do long term in the future. So, for now, let me continue to pay off debt, then as of April, my goal is to save enough money to cover the expenses at home while we are gone, and obviously to cover the costs while we are in Costa Rica. I'll be more involved in the forums as April comes around, I am hoping to speak with all of you and help me start preparing on whats to come. Love you all Arie
  13. It has been.... let's say... very difficult, but yes the end result will be fabulous.
  14. Here we go.... 6 months have passed... I'm on my last credit card. I'm forcasting 4 months.... it's getting real!!!
  15. Thanks guys... Still has to be the most difficult life challenge ever. However, the results are very rewarding and every time I rid of one, I HIGHLY treat the wife lol, so she does not go nuts.