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  1. Induna....I REALLY liked your post. I wish the "like this" button worked!
  2. Congratulations! I loved your dress and bouquet!
  3. So true! You put it all back in perspective. We live in a modest house in west Texas and our property tax is around $2,500.
  4. CRF.....that nativity scene is amazing! Thanks for posting the pics!
  5. We have a little family bbq restaurant just around the corner from where we live in Texas. During the Christmas season there is a Mexican lady that makes homemade tamales for the restaurant. We ordered a dozen Thursday night and I made rice and beans to go along with it. Probably not the healthiest meal, but it was delicious and I way over ate!
  6. I like your idea, Lucybelle, but then again it might just be the German in me, too!
  7. Here's my Christmas tree in Texas. Unfortunately, it's not in CR!