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  1. Like many others who are seriously thinking of relocating to CR I have come across many websites (yes including Michael Forrest's) that rant about the atrocities that occur while living in CR. There will always be people like Michael Forrest out there who will find the negative in any situation. I'd be willing to bet that Michael Forrest would feel that winning the lottery was a negative as the tax implications and future financial decisions would be daunting. One can Google,"What are the negatives of moving to......." One can fill in the blank with any country on the face of the earth and find many websites berating that particular country. Anyway, on to my actual area of concern: Although we all know about the incredible array of fresh fruits and vegetables available in CR and thus the potential for an extremely healthy diet, if chosen, we also hear about the horrendous usage of pesticides on these fruits and vegetables. We intend to purchase a great % of our produce from local ferias. We are wondering as to the validity of these claims and how do all of you who live there contend with these seemingly ever present pesticides? Will a good washing of the fruit or veggie be enough to rid the pesticides or do the pesticides actually penetrate the produce? Thank you in advance for all who participate in this forum thread.
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